C. David Tobie: “Leap Frog” Application of SpyderCube Presets in Adobe Lightroom
Jun 2012 11

Lightrooom users who own SpyderCUBE or SpyderCHECKR are familiar with the process of building SpyderCUBE white balance and lighting correction presets and SpyderCHECKR camera calibration presets in Lightroom, and then applying these presets to an entire series of images at one time. But many users are not familiar with the “Leap Frog” method of applying adjustments to images one after another. This method is particularly useful with SpyderCUBE lighting presets, as these may be adjusted a bit at a time as lighting or location changes.

Adjustments beyond the Cube-based white balance and lighting settings (including SpyderCHECKR camera calibration adjustments) can be made at the same time, and moved forward with the lighting adjustments. Cropping, or other unique adjustments, are best left for a final pass, as moving crops forward from image to image is not usually desirable, except for product shots or other static tripod work.

If a series of SpyderCUBE images were taken over time, then when the next SpyderCUBE image is reached, applying the current adjustment to that image, and then checking against the Cube in the image to make any further refinements of the settings is the fastest way to re-correct for the new Cube shot, and will bring forward any other settings also being “leap frogged” forward.

  • CDTobie

    What I failed to mention is the actual technique used. Simply move directly from a corrected image to the next image, then hit the “Previous” button to apply the same corrections. Then adjust as needed, move to the next image, and repeat…