Webinar:  Advanced Uses of the SpyderCUBE
Aug 2012 16

The DataColor SpyderCUBE is a unique device, which is widely known as a tool to manage color balance and exposure settings in digital post-production. Most photographers are not aware that it’s possible to use the SpyderCUBE to control a number of aspects of image capture. It’s a very effective tool for determining optimal camera settings, and “getting it right” in the camera.

The SpyderCUBE can be used for setting custom White Balance, determining minimum and maximum exposure, determining setup for your zones (if you’re so inclined), protecting shadow and highlight detail, and more. It might even replace your hand-held or in-camera meter!

Watch as Datacolor Color Management Experts, David Tobie and David Saffir discuss the Advanced Uses of the SpyderCUBE. This webinar focuses on practical, production-oriented use of the SpyderCUBE, and give you a great head-start on effective use of this tool.