Batch Applying SpyderCUBE and SpyderCHECKR ACR Presets in Adobe Bridge
Jan 2013 01

Adobe Bridge is often used for a range of housekeeping and batch functions by Photoshop owners who do not use Lightroom as their image management application. It is possible to apply presets built in Adobe Camera Raw from within Bridge for convenient batch processing of groups of images. This can be useful for SpyderCUBE and SpyderCHECKR owners. After you have built SpyderCUBE white balance and lighting presets in ACR, they can be applied to a series of related images in Bridge by following the directions below. SpyderCHECKR camera color correction presets built in ACR, can also be applied to image sets in Bridge through the same workflow.

  • Select the group of images you wish to apply the preset to in Bridge.
  • Right-click on Windows, or Control-click on the Mac.
  • Select Develop Settings from the list that appears.
  • Choose your preset by name, to apply to all selected set of images.

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