C. David Tobie: Saturation Intent Fix for Printing From Lightroom
Jul 2012 26

Adobe’s Lightroom application is becoming more and more popular for printing images. Over time Lightroom has added a variety of printing options, such as print templates and saved print setups, so that it is now a more convenient location for many types of prints than Photoshop.

One longstanding Photoshop feature continues to be missing from Lightroom however: the ability to choose the Saturation Rendering Intent. Many Datacolor customers prefer the Saturation rendering that SpyderPRINT profiles offer, over other rendering intents. But while Lightroom CS4 has made big progress in the area of softproofing and tuning of prints for output within Lightroom (please look for our upcoming article on that topic!) there is still no way to select the Saturation Intent from Lightroom.

Given this situation, and the user demand it has created, Datacolor has added an option to the SpyderPRINT software to allow a work-around for the issue. In the Preferences window of SpyderPRINT, choose the Saturation <-> Perceptual option, to swap the locations of the Saturation and Perceptual Intent data in your profile. We recommend you add “Sat” at the end of profiles built in this manner, so that you can remember which of your profiles have been adjusted for Lightroom use.

Now import your altered profile into Lightroom, choose Lightroom’s Perceptual option, and get Saturation Intent printing within Lightroom! Adjusted profiles can be used for printing from Photoshop and other applications as well. Just remember to choose Perceptual when you actually want Saturation, and visa versa.

C. DAVID TOBIE has been involved in color management and digital imaging from their early development. David has worked to see affordable solutions put in place for graphic design, prepress, photography and digital imaging, and then taught users how best to utilize them. He has consulted internationally for a wide range of color-related companies, and is best known by photographers for his writing and technical editing of texts and periodicals for the photo industry such as Mastering Digital Printing, and Professional Photographer magazine, and his seminars on color and imaging at photographic workshop around the globe. David is currently Global Product Technology Manager at Datacolor, where he develops new products and features for their Spyder line of calibration tools. His work has received a long line of digital imaging product awards including the coveted TIPA award, and a nomination for the Spyder line of calibration tools. Much of David’s recent writing can be found at his photography blog: cdtobie.wordpress.com, and his samples of his photography can be seen at: cdtobie.com.