Calling All Android Users
Aug 2012 13

The SpyderGALLERY* application will soon be available for Android devices. Right now we are giving the app the finishing touch. This is the moment in which YOU can take the opportunity to be a part of the Datacolor product testing team. Apply now to become a possible SpyderGALLERY tester! Requirements: Any device running Android Honeycomb OS or higher; any Spyder3 or Spyder4 colorimeter.

Interested? Send an email to

*SpyderGALLERY is currently available for iPad and iPhone.

  • Are there still slots for beta testers. We tried applying via above email but no luck sending. How’s the progress coming guys? can’t wait to see this product on android.

    • Thank you for your inquiry Colin. I’ve forwarded your request to be a beta tester on to the appropriate team. They will be in touch if they are looking for more testers. We are hoping ot launch SpyderGALLERY for Android by mid July. We will keep you posted via SpyderBLOG, social media and our website.