Carsten Tschach was born in 1969 in Berlin, Germany, where he still lives and works. Being only a medium to catch holiday experiences in the beginning, photography soon became a passion.

For a studied physicist it presumably is rather untypical to turn to photography, but that’s exactly why Carsten’s work is so professional and rational.
The interaction of stolid technical workflows and the constant demand of achieving ambitious and creative pictures, makes his work so special. Photography always makes great demands and creates questions that cannot be simply answered with “Yes” or “No” – it is more about catching emotions and moods to bring the image to its full expression.

Before he puts his hands on the camera, Carsten has already created the picture in his head, sometimes even a full storyboard, defining single picture segments, was set up in his mind.

His pictures were published in several on- and offline media, such as “The Mammoth Book of Erotic Women (Carrol & Gref Publishers)”, “Naked Women (Quarto Inc. / Umschau Buchverlag)”, “Tomorrow (Germany)”, “Max (Germany)”, “Docma (Germany)”. Carsten today works as an independent photographer in Berlin, shooting fashion, beauty and lifestyle.