David Cardinal: Profiling a Curved Monitor or TV with Datacolor’s Spyder4
Jan 2015 28

My first thought when I saw Dell’s awesome-looking 34-inch curved monitor at CES was, “Wow, that’d be amazing for photo editing.” Price tag aside, the idea of having a single screen — with its viewing angle optimized from edge-to-edge by the slight curve of the display – to replace the two monitors I have wedged next to each other in a “V” is quite appealing. However, my second thought was, “How can I profile it?” Fortunately it turns out that it is quite possible to calibrate and profile a curved monitor using Datacolor’s Spyder4 hardware and software – with just a little bit of extra effort.

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Seán Duggan: Using Gray Targets for Night Photography
Jan 2015 20

Using a gray target such as the SpyderCUBE or the SpyderCHECKR 24 as a known reference for a neutral gray can be quite useful for correcting white balance issues in post processing. This is true for any shot where accurate white balance is important, but it can be particularly useful for night photography, especially for some exterior locations where there may be multiple light sources that have different color temperatures.

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Datacolor’s 2014 Holiday Giveaway Has Announced Winners!
Jan 2015 07

Datacolor Spyder and friends sponsored a photo gear giveaway this holiday season! The Spyder4ELITE, Canon SELPHY CO910, and Tamron 16-300mm F/3.5-6.3 Di II VC PZD MACRO lens were just some of the amazing prizes offered, amongst many other items. Our sponsors included PhotFlex, ClickElite, DXO Image Science, onOne, LumaPix: Foto Fusion, Nissin Digital, and Enlight Photo. All of our winners have been picked and can be found on our website here.

Thank you to everyone who participated!

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Win Photo Gear from Datacolor and Friends this Holiday Season!
Dec 2014 22

Happy Holidays! To show our appreciation for your support this year we’ve packed our Holiday giveaway with some great gifts! Among offerings from Spyder you’ll find great products from: Canon, Photoflex, CLIK Elite, Tamron, DXO, onOne Software, LumaPix, Nissin Digital, and Enlight Photo!

Enter our Holiday Giveaway Here!

The Datacolor Spyder family wishes you a Happy Holiday and Healthy New Year!

Valid through 12/15/14-1/5/15.

David Cardinal: Tips For Managing Color When You’re Sharing Your Photo Memories
Dec 2014 18

Now that photo prints have largely given way to the electronic sharing of our photo memories, more and more of our life is viewed on a computer screen. In addition to social media powerhouses like Facebook, dozens of photo sharing sites have popped up, with lots of tools to help you upload, caption, tag, and share your digital photo albums. However, they all have one thing in common: They are only as good as the display where they are viewed. And the color on that display is only good if care is taken to properly color manage it.

As a reader of this blog, you’ve probably already profiled your monitor using one of Datacolor’s Spyder products. You may even have gone further and profiled your mobile device using Spyder Gallery — so that you can get beautiful-looking imaged displayed whether you’re at home or on the road. But what about all the people you are sharing those images with? More than likely, they haven’t taken that time, so they probably aren’t seeing your photos in their full glory. Maybe they’re even worried about your family’s health because of an off-color tint on the skin in your photos. No worries, we’ve got some helpful hints, just in time to make sure your holiday photos look great.

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Printing Prized Photos for the Holidays?
Nov 2014 25

Calibrating your monitor is the first step to ensure your prints accurately match what you see on your screen. Before you edit your photos this holiday season, make sure to calibrate with Spyder4 for true-to-life color accuracy! Right now we are offering up to 30% off on Spyder4 products*. Head over to our web store now, before this offer ends!

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Datacolor Attends Photoplus – NYC
Nov 2014 17

Check out our exclusive interview with Andy Peeke and the International Press Association’s IMPress Magazine at this year’s PDN Photoplus Expo! The video highlights the Datacolor SpyderCHECKR 24, our new portable color target product, as well as our newest bundle the SpyderHD, which includes a full-size SpyderCHECKR (with 48 color targets), the SpyderCUBE, and Spyder4ELITE. This bundle not only allows customers to calibrate computer displays, but video-reference displays and TVS as well. “[The Spyder4ELITE] allows me to edit my pictures and the color is awesome!” says one of our happy customers when Andy got a chance to speak to him at the expo. The video features more customer testimonials, so be sure to watch! “Datacolor products are very useful for anyone who is working in a visual element,” says Andy. If you are interested in learning more about Datacolor and our newest products, please visit our website.

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David Cardinal: Making the Color in Your Wildlife Images Pop Using Some Contrast-Enhancing Tools
Nov 2014 12

As much or more than in any other type of photography, it is the “pop” of an image that catches our eye when we first see a wildlife photograph. Once our attention is drawn to the image, we start to pay attention to the action, the species involved, and the setting. But without stopping the viewers’ eyes, none of that matters. It is imperative that you know how to bring the drama out in your images to be a successful wildlife photographer.

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Ken Sklute: Patience, Preparedness and Persistence in Photography!
Nov 2014 07

One of the comments I hear frequently from attendees at my lectures is “Wow, you must be extremely lucky to pull up and get that shot!”.

The truth of the matter is that luck has a little to do with creating great images, however planning, patience and persistence are the key ingredients to creating great images, no matter what your subject is.

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Ken Sklute: Breaking Out of Your Box – By Getting Into a New One!
Nov 2014 03

There are points in which we all need a change in the scenery! You may be shooting for four years or forty years and you take a look at your work and feel that you need something to motivate you to see things differently than you are used to. How do we accomplish broadening our style, you might ask? Well, in order to see through new eyes, we need to make conscious decisions to look at different subjects, a new lens, or possibly a new format.

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