Sanjay Nanda is a graphic designer by profession and passionate about photography. Photography helps him release his intense creative urges and to communicate what he feels and sees. His experience as a visual designer helps him see beauty in mundane things. In his images he likes to use the interplay of light, textures, and colours to create unusual and complex forms that seduce the viewer. He has the ability to extract beauty out of ordinary surroundings and convert them into visually appealing images and at the same time using concepts and techniques that are grounded in the domain of fine art.

His photographic process involves a persistent scouring of the urban landscape for the uniquely unseen; compelling moments of light, texture and form; and, often times, decaying elements in the constructed environment. His works are attempts to extract and synthesize the less seen, yet strangely elegant, fragments of the urban landscape in order to reconstruct an urban aesthetic.

Sanjay shoots a variety of subjects. He looks for scenes that he can compose in a thought provoking way and colour combinations that somehow stir him without attempting to edit the work or discriminate when in the field. When he gets back to his studio, he sorts through his images, and then chooses the ones that have a staying power for him. He is not interested in merely reproducing a particular scene or image photographically; he is more interested in collecting the raw visual materials that allow him to explore the inherent dynamics and tensions of the picture plane.

His select works are part of various private collections.


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Twitter: @indipix

CM LEUNG is Master of WPPI. CM is the creative director and principal photographer of CM Leung Gallery based in HK with presence in Greater China, Malaysia and U.S. He is also the founder of WPHK (Wedding Photographers of Hong Kong) and WPPA (Wedding and Portrait Photographer of Asia) with the ambition to inspire wedding photographers within Asia.

CM enjoys a successful career in wedding photography since he turned pro in 2005 and has won multiple awards in major international competitions. In 2010 he has won the prestigious “WPPI International Wedding Print of the Year” and “WPPI International Photo-Journalism Print of the Year” awards. These grand awards recognize the highest standard of photography and CM is the first Asian photographer to have accomplished such honors. He has also won the most photography awards internationally in year 2009. These achievements led him to be one of the most reputable photographers in the world.

Since 2009 CM has dedicated time to conduct workshops and seminars in different country including Australia, USA, Mexico, UK, Italy, Turkey, Estonia, Romania, Cyprus, Spain, Greece, China and Hong Kong, etc. It is his aspiration to share his passion and vision to photography enthusiasts all over the world. His presentations are well received and he is regarded as one of the most respected speakers in the industry.

CM is well-known for his unique style of shooting with the combination of natural light and his amazing vision. His images are elegant, intimate and artistic. He is a photographer who is able to translate feelings into images that touches one’s emotion, mind and heart.

  • Master of WPPI
  • 2014 UK SWPP ( Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers ) 1st place -Open category
  • 2013 UK SWPP ( Society of Wedding & Portrait Photographers ) 5 Gold Award
  • 2012 AIPP (Australia Professional Photography Awards) Gold Award With Distinction – The first ever Asian Photographer to receive AIPP Gold Award with Distinction
  • 2010 WPPI International Wedding Print of the Year
  • 2010 WPPI International Photo-Journalism Print of the Year – The first ever Asian Photographer to receive 2 WPPI Grand Awards
  • 2009 – 2011 – The photographer who has won the most WPPI awards: 2 Grand Awards and 200+ Silver Award



Website: CM’s Website



HenryCK is a Hong Kong based photographer with more than ten years of experience. He has been drawn to photography since childhood and is self-taught, learning the skills and techniques of a professional photographer. Since 2010, Henry has been a teaching assistant in many photography workshops hosted by internationally renowned photographers, such as Joe McNally.

Henry’s photography work ranges from portraiture, events and concerts to architectures, advertisements, magazine covers and editorials. His clients include many local and international celebrities, famous musicians and corporations. In addition to his specialties, he is especially interested in taking human portraiture as he believes it is an important mission for photographers to capture the best of their clients.

In 2012, Henry founded “H studio. | Photography” to further pursue his passion for photography. In the same year, he also hosted his first solo photography exhibition – “Love. Once Found” in Hong Kong, with many of the exhibited pieces purchased and collected by art collectors.


Facebook: Henry’s Facebook

Website: Henry’s Website

Janice Wendt is one of the Photographic industry’s most respected retouch and image enhancement artists. Well known as the Trainer to the Trainers, she has more than 30 years in nature, commercial, wedding and portrait photography experience. Janice brings traditional techniques she learned through years of working with sensitized products into digital imaging, creating the ever elusive WOW image factor.

Janice can be found working closely with several companies in an educational capacity, including Athentech Imaging, Picsera, Tamron and Wacom. She is well known for her extensive knowledge and creative techniques using Perfectly Clear, Nik Collection, Alien Skin, as well as other Photoshop and Lightroom Plug-ins.

She works closely with the educational community, including, Professional Photographers of America, Texas School, West Coast School, Georgia School, Santa Fe Workshops, Maine Media Workshops and Palm Beach Photo Center.

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Lee Varis is a photo-illustrator now working in the Boston area. He has been involved in commercial photography for the last 40 years. He started working with computer imaging about 23 years ago and currently works with digital as well as conventional photography in conjunction with computer graphics to create images for use in print advertising.

Lee’s work has been featured on movie posters, video box covers, CD covers, numerous brochures and catalogs. He is responsible for the moth on the “Silence of the Lambs” movie poster! His creative imaging has been featured in National Geographic, Newsweek and Fortune magazines as well as trade journals like PDN, New Media, Micro Publishing News, Rangefinder and Photo Electronic Imaging. Most of Lee’s work starts off as photography that is manipulated in the computer using a wide variety of imaging software. Images are often re-combined with digital painting and effects or with additional photo elements to create digital images that transcend the original source materials.

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Ken Sklute is an internationally-recognized photographer, well-known for his diverse portfolio of unqiue images. These include portraits, professional sports, architecture, weddings, and landscapes. Ken spends a significant amount of his time teaching and lecturing worldwide. Ken is proud to be one of Canon’s Explorers of Light, a designation given to only 42 photographers worldwide.

He begain his career at an early age, capturing 200 mph race cars in New York. His work expanded into weddings, and he bought his first studio in 1983, working at high-end locations through the New York metro area. He relocated to Phoenix, Arizona in 1996, drawn by beautiful, dramatic Southwestern desert landscapes and of course the Phoenix wedding market.

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Seán Duggan is a fine art photographer, author, educator and an Adobe Certified Photoshop Expert with extensive experience in both the traditional and digital darkroom. Through his writing and teaching, he has been helping photographers master digital photography and digital darkroom techniques for over 15 years. His core philosophy is to help people see the image possibilities in any situation, to look for the extraordinary in the ordinary, and to seek out uniquely personal ways of interpreting a scene, both with the camera and in the digital darkroom. He is a co-author of Photoshop Masking & Compositing (2nd Edition, 2012), Real World Digital Photography (3rd Edition, 2010), The Creative Digital Darkroom (2008), Photoshop Artistry (2006), and his Lightroom Tips column can be seen in Photoshop User magazine. Visit

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Jens Haugen has steadily built up a most impressive photographic career. His artistic and commercial endeavors, his fashion and retouching work, his workshops and tutorials – they have all contributed to making Jens’ name well-renowned beyond the borders of his home country of Norway. They have also earned him numerous awards, exhibitions and opportunities, like shooting a worldwide campaign for VW or working for Hasselblad.

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Terrell Lloyd is a professional photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area.  A Canon Explorer of Light since 2006, Terrell Lloyd is noted for his experience shooting professional and college sports. He is currently a team photographer for the San Francisco 49ers, a post he has held for 12 years. Terrell has covered many other major sporting events, including PGA Golf, Professional Tennis, NFL Super Bowl, MLB Baseball, the NBA and more.

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An in depth knowledge of photography has led Gianluca to travel to many diverse destinations around the world, from the Arctic Polar Circle to Africa’s deserts, from the Far East to the Amazon. Gianluca’s photographs have appeared in various publications including National Geographic Magazine, New York times, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, CondèNaste, Bloomberg News.

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