CD Tobie: A Review of Gura Gear’s New Bataflae Camera Pack
Nov 2012 08

Gura Gear has rapidly developed a name and a following amongst serious photographers. So when a new flagship Gura Gear camera pack design was released at PhotoPlus Expo I took this opportunity to test the new Bataflae pack against my own needs. I will be focusing on the smaller of the two models: the Bataflae 26L pack, for use with DSLR equipment, while my associate David Saffir will follow up with a look at the larger Bataflae 32L for use with medium format gear.

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My visit to the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference
Nov 2016 17

Adobe uses its annual MAX conference to showcase its newest technologies and point the way forward with its vision for the future of the creative professions. This year’s event, the largest ever with 10,000 attendees, set a very-bullish tone. Adobe sees creativity as a major growth area, both as a profession, and as a part of the global economy. To support that future, Adobe is driving aggressively to a collaboration-centric, shared-resource, vision for the future. That vision makes universal, excellent, and accurate color management a necessity. We’ll look at why that is by diving into several of Adobe’s initiatives – Cloud-native, Adobe Stock, and new ways for photographers to work directly with designers.

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