Video Reference Display Calibration Co-sponsored by Plura Broadcast
Apr 2014 04

Watch as we discuss display calibration for video review and editing using Plura Broadcast Video Reference Display Technology and the Datacolor Spyder4. We’ll go through a step by step process, including screen shots, accurately adjusting the display using Plura software and the Spyder4 calibration device. Plura is the first video reference display that has integrated advanced calibration capabilities using the Datacolor Spyder. Step up your game using Plura Broadcast technology and Datacolor Spyder calibration!

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Custom Printmaking with Fine Art Paper Co-sponsored by Red River Paper
Mar 2014 27

Watch as we discuss fine art printmaking with special focus on landscape photography. Each image has its own character and color palette. We’ll review methods you can use to match photographs to different media types before printing. Color management in post-production, including soft proofing will also be covered. A demonstration of printer profiling using the SpyderPRINT will be provided, along with a review of examples of printed images, evaluated for density, color palette, dynamic range and more. Last, we’ll have a brief discussion about print coatings, finishing materials, framing, and archiving.

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Screen to Print Match
Mar 2014 14

If you have ever experienced an issue with screen-to-print match, you’re not alone. Many photographers have given up trying to achieve an accurate screen-to-print match, and say that they either have a “pretty good idea” of what their printer will do, or they are willing to go the print-tweak, print-tweak route. This holds true for those making their own prints, and those working with outside print service providers.

You can save considerable time and money by adding a few simple steps to your workflow. Good screen to print match can save you significant time in post-production, and reduce or eliminate wasted materials.

Watch as we review end-to-end workflow, starting with camera controls and progressing through fundamentals of image color correction, display calibration, and printer profiling.

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Printing Success with Fine Art and Custom Paper
Feb 2014 27

Watch David Saffir as he explores color management for printing. Starting with the fundamentals of printer management, the discussion will progress to creating custom profiles for a range of media types. We’ll show you how to use SpyderPRINT to print calibration targets, scan them, and use them on your system. Additional topics will include live color preview/soft proofing in Photoshop and Lightroom, using application managed color with your new profiles, and evaluating print quality.

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Color Management for Indoor Photography
Feb 2014 13

Watch David Saffir as he discusses indoor photography, with an emphasis on portraits and group photos. Subjects of interest will include camera setup, use of on-camera and off-camera flash, ambient lighting, managing ISO/sensitivity and color management tools. David also reviews how to program for success when using labs and print service providers.

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High Resolution Panorama Photography Co-sponsored by SanDisk
Jan 2014 30

Watch as Datacolor Expert David Saffir explores high-resolution panorama photography, using techniques that can be adapted to landscapes, cityscapes, and horizontal or vertical composition. Camera settings, camera supports, shooting around the optical center of the lens (nodal point), and selected aspects of post-production are also discussed.

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Introduction to Still Image Editing and Correction
Dec 2013 05

Watch As David Saffir, David Tobie and Hector Martinez review DxO’s latest upgrade to DxO Viewpoint 2, their tool for geometric and architectural corrections. They’ll explore the performance of Perspective vis-à-vis tools available in Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom, showing before and after for a number of images. Photographers and designers will find these tools as well as the Datacolor Spyder monitor calibration tools useful in post-production for portfolios, paid assignments, and publication.

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Small Scale and Macro Photography Co-sponsored by Joby
Nov 2013 20

Post-production is also a critical element in preserving details, sharpening and managing color. Watch as David Saffir and David Tobie discuss this important aspect of photography, including real-life examples and scenarios. You’ll find that Macro photography is easier than it looks which will enable you to produce impressive images in no time!

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Planning Backcountry Photo Shoots
Nov 2013 08

Backcountry photo shoots often require research, planning and in some cases, special equipment. Watch David Saffir and David Tobie as they explore several real-life scenarios, including the on-line exploration of maps, weather, lighting, equipment planning and packing, renting, borrowing or buying special equipment, arranging transport and accommodations, and much more!

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Small Lighting for Big Spaces Co-sponsored by Metz – Manfrotto School of Xcellence
Oct 2013 18

Not too long ago, standard practice for lighting large spaces involved hauling a lot of heavy equipment into a venue, laying out electrical service lines, creating support stands and scaffolding, and so on. Of course there was also tearing it all down, packing it away, and hauling it off again. Things have changed. It’s now possible to carry all or most of the gear you’ll need to light a large space in a duffle bag and camera bag, frequently doing it all without touching an electrical outlet and still getting an equivalent or superior result.

Watch David Saffir and David Tobie as they explore newer methods for lighting interiors using lighting systems adapted from on-camera flash units, purpose-built remote units and triggers. We think you’ll be surprised by the possibilities and impressed by the results!

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