Chip says:

“And…it really doesn’t matter if you take pictures anyway…..nobody cares….there are a million guys, that were at that party, who will gladly take the job anyway.”

Have a look at his pictures, they are strange, very unusual but definitely worth to be shown. Passion matters.

A short bio in his own words:
“I live in New Mexico on a small farm with goats, sheep, chickens, dogs, wife, kids, 8 motorcycles, 12 bicycles, and 5 trampolines. I used to live in New York City but I got out early for good behavior. I lived in Gettysburg, PA during high school years, and I was a kid in Clearwater, Florida. I work for tons of magazines world wide… and I sell tons of stock photos. I have been a professional since 1982. I am self taught for the most part.”