If you wanted a shot taken of a guy on skis, jumping over a basketball stand from behind, dunking the ball in midair, who would you call to get the job done? Connor Walberg, that’s who. Now, judging not only from this introduction but also from some of his best known shots, which have been published in various sports publications, it might be easy and tempting to jump to the conclusion that Connor’s work is all about the action. And yes, it’s true, many of his images leave you wondering how he could possibly capture some of these fast-paced moments so perfectly and with apparent ease. But that does certainly not mean that Connor does not also master the other aspects of his photography with extreme finesse and care. Many of his intriguing “life” images, as he calls them, and his skilfully crafted, very peaceful architecture shots provide plenty of proof for that.

From a very young age, Connor has been shooting photos of anything and everything that surrounds him. It is in fact his technical mastery and his unique artistic approach that allow him to create extraordinary images of any subject. With the ability to ski and mountain bike any type of terrain, Connor is able to capture extreme sports in regions few other photographers can access.

Only in his early twenties, Conner is already signed with Getty Images and sponsored by various photography industry names. His work can be seen all around the world. Apart from numerous sports related publications that have published his images, such as Skiing, Powder, Freeskier, Outside or BravoSki Japan, he has been featured in Shutterbug and Photoshop User magazine, with one of his shots making the cover.

Connor’s portfolio and a link to his informative blog where he’s happy to share his knowledge of photography and business can be found at: