Already early in his childhood, Denis Olivier was in touch with the world of Art and Photography. His childhood is affected from the light of a red lamp and a special chemical perfume. Photography, Architecture and Art were always present in his Family and he still remembers the black and white exhibitions they visited.
When he was a teenager, he continued to draw and started to paint a little. As well he took part in some local exhibitions. He started to study biochemistry, but after three years he changed to “Poitieres school of fine-arts” and was interested in computer graphics and generated imagery.

While he was there he meets Alain Fleig who introduced him to the art photography. In the second year he had his first personal exhibition in a gallery, which was a great experience for him, then a training placement with Philippe Salan, who was at this time the developer of Robert Doisneau. Following he did some commissioned works. In December 1995 he started then to work with computer graphics and made use of the Internet.

Then digital cameras came along and he found a way to work quickly and experiment without using too many resources. He continued to produce some material and he is involved and maintain collaborative projects such as Art Limited or M42.