Without light, there is no color. And when we look at the work of Brooklyn, New York based photographer Doron Gild, we can’t help but think that no one is more aware of that fact than him. “I’m influenced by German expressionism, Alfred Hitchcock, and Film Noir”, Doron tells us, but it is also tempting to compare many of his images to those of the likes of Jeff Wall or Gregory Crewdson, as they feature a quite similar type of cinematic lighting.

However, when it comes to concepts, Doron uniquely and skillfully balances his editorial humor and conceptual elegance. Where else can you see a re-enactment of the last supper depicted as a salesmen’s convention at a bar, a proud glam shot of aging rockstars, or a man suspended in insomnia over his bed?

Doron is a very hands-on visionary. He speaks warmly of setting up his lights, staging the shot and directing the shoot. Clearly his images reflect a creative who is centered in his beliefs, yet willing to challenge ones romantic visions with a twist.

His ability to capture an individual’s character is disconcerting: Looking at a portrait of Menashe Kadishman, one of Israel’s most celebrated sculptor and painter sitting in his cluttered office you can visually see the inner creative thoughts of this artist. Standing behind a kitchen counter ready to prepare a meal a burly male owns his role as domestic goddess, with tattoos.

To get a glimpse at Doron’s extraordinary work, visit his website: