Gamut Graphing Differences Between Spyder3 and Spyder4
Aug 2012 09

Occasionally a Spyder owner will report that installing Spyder4, and recalibrating a display with it, produces a gamut graph on the last screen of the application that shows a smaller gamut than previous Spyder3 profiles for that screen show. This causes some concern about the “lost gamut” which this seems to imply.

Blue: Gamut Graph from Spyder3-built profile

Red: Gamut Graph from Spyder4-built profile for the same display

Spyder4 will produce more accurate measurements of the primaries of some screens, especially on difficult display types and newer wide gamut screens. These types of challenging displays were one of the reasons that new technologies were integrated into Spyder4.

These more accurate measurements mean different (and usually reduced) color definitions for the primaries, and can show up as a smaller gamut triangle on the final screen of the Spyder software. This is desirable, and will cause colors to be displayed more accurately.

So if you notice differences between the Spyder3 and Spyder4 gamut graphs for your display, don’t assume that a smaller Spyder4 gamut definition is “losing” color for you. It will actually display colors with greater saturation, and more accuracy, than the Spyder3 profiles.