An in depth knowledge of photography has led Gianluca to travel to many diverse destinations around the world, from the Arctic Polar Circle to Africa’s deserts, from the Far East to the Amazon. Gianluca’s photographs have appeared in various publications including National Geographic Magazine, New York times, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, CondèNaste, Bloomberg News.

He photographed advertising campaign for clients as Canon, UBS, Saatchi&Saatchi, and he’s member and photographer of “The Quest Network” and “BlueZones”, a team of explorers and scientists who have come together for the love of exploration, scientific popularization and the use of modern technology to create online interactive expeditions.

His images are represented by National Geographic Image Collection.

Gianluca has an intense lecturing and teaching activity counting various seminars and workshops, including TPW, Canon Academy and Cruise Photo Factory.

When not on assignment Gianluca spends his time in Switzerland and in Italy. If you want to see more of Gianluca’s adven­tu­res through his photographs, visit his web­site to: