HenryCK is a Hong Kong based photographer with more than ten years of experience. He has been drawn to photography since childhood and is self-taught, learning the skills and techniques of a professional photographer. Since 2010, Henry has been a teaching assistant in many photography workshops hosted by internationally renowned photographers, such as Joe McNally.

Henry’s photography work ranges from portraiture, events and concerts to architectures, advertisements, magazine covers and editorials. His clients include many local and international celebrities, famous musicians and corporations. In addition to his specialties, he is especially interested in taking human portraiture as he believes it is an important mission for photographers to capture the best of their clients.

In 2012, Henry founded “H studio. | Photography” to further pursue his passion for photography. In the same year, he also hosted his first solo photography exhibition – “Love. Once Found” in Hong Kong, with many of the exhibited pieces purchased and collected by art collectors.

Email:  info@hstudiophotography.com

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Website: Henry’s Website