Ira Bordo is a very popular and admired russian photographer. She has been a true artist since her childhood. From a very young age Ira used to flip through books about art while other kids her age read fairy tales. She used to make up her own fairy tales and dreams while viewing these art books. After she graduated from the Moscow Public Art School where she studied drawing and painting she began a career as a painter. The coincidences in life lead her towards photography.

“When i saw the endless possibilities of what one can do with a camera and a computer i was just flabbergasted. That’s when my passion for photography began.” There and then she decided to put the paintbrush and canvas aside and begin creating images of such unusual tenderness and refinement. Since 2002 Ira has been living and working in the Novoslobodskaya district of Moscow. Today she mainly works as a freelance artist in the fashion and advertising industry.