Insatiable author and catalyst of unexpected images, Jean-Daniel Lorieux is more than just a famous French photographer. He is also a consummate artist, equally revered in the art world for his paintings, especially in Asia. Always fascinated by the cinema, in his youth he rubbed shoulders with Marcel Carné on film sets before setting off for Algeria, where he captured the horrors of war in his uncompromising photographs. He had found his vocation. Fascinated by women with sublime and improbable figures, he glorifies them with an aesthetic sense which is all his own, guided by an explosion of light and color on location.

A dedicated follower of fashion and lover of women and fast cars, Jean-Daniel Lorieux exudes a charisma characterized by beauty, elegance, insolence and humor. A contemporary and friend of Helmut Newton and Guy Bourdin, he remains one of the leading lights in the world of fashion photography. Famous for his consecration of the “blue Lorieux”, he attaches extreme importance to representation and nuance. With the arrival of digital photography, he immediately focused his attention on calibration and on Datacolor tools, which he uses every day. Extract from “image magazine”.