Human interaction is the central theme of these moments that Toulouse-born photographer Jean-Stéphane Cantero likes to capture with his Hasselblad.

Long before he was awarded the “Grand Prix Graffic SFR” and all the international success that followed – various publications and exhibitions, including Paris Photo – the photographer who is now in his mid-thirties was out and about with his Canon EOS 650 (with which he is still, as he says, in an almost symbiotic relationship) to capture people and life’s situations.

Over the years he has refined his signature; particularly the dramaturgy in his works, achieved through the multi disciplinary use of black and white as well as color, have become his hallmark.

Commercial clients appreciate Jean-Stéphanes talents as well; most recently he has developed the Croatian tourism campagne for the French market. Those who want to see more of Jean’ Stéphanes’ broad spectrum of works can do that on his website: