Lara Jade is one of these rare, inexplicable phenomena in the world of photography. After looking at her images you might be surprised to learn that the very talented british photographer has been shooting for only five years now. However, you’ll probably be even more surprised, that she started the age of around 14. Yes, Lara Jade is 19 years young – yet she creates artworks that show a level of talent and variety that few photographers can ever hope to achieve.

Lara gets her inspiration from almost anything, she says, but it’s mostly “music, movies, stories and the old masters in painting and photography”. Her first experience with photography was at school, during her secondary education, where she would research photography for her projects. She came across photography websites and got inspired to try it herself. After a year of college Lara started making money with model portfolios, and after a year of that, the then 17 year old registered her business “Lara Jade Photography”. She kept shooting model portfolios and did various shoots for dancers, actors, singers and bands.

Today Lara is represented by the Milan agency Sudest57. The list of her clients includes brands, agencies, publishers and artists from all over the world and goes on and on, just like the list of magazines and online publications she’s been featured in.

Lara says that, while she used to love creating the entire image herself, with just her and the model on location, she’s glad to nowadays always have a team with her for her shoots, because “I’m always bouncing ideas off of people!”

We highly recommend paying Lara’s website a visit: