Micro-Adjustment of Display Brightness Returns to Lion in 10.7.4
Jul 2012 10

In Apple’s OS X 10.6 (Snow Leopard) it was possible to use modifier keys to achieve finer increments of display brightness control for Apple displays. Sadly, that function was lost with the move to 10.7 (Lion). Now, in the latest Lion update (10.7.4) micro-adjustment has been reactivated.

Micro-adjustment allows more precise luminance settings when targeting display luminance with Spyder products. With micro-adjustment, brightness can be adjusted to 64 discrete levels, instead of the usual 16. To access the micro-adjust feature, hold down the Option and Shift keys while using the brightness up (big sun) or brightness down (little sun) buttons to adjust your display’s brightness.

  • CDTobie

    Further testing has shown that the micro-adjust feature is also present and functioning in the Gold Master of Mountain Lion, so we should be able to depend on using this as we migrate to 10.8.