Seán Duggan: Layer Blend Modes, Part 2
Mar 2014 18

In Part 1 of this article I covered the fundamentals of blend modes, and how each mode affects the image. These are accessed using the mode menu at the top of the Layers panel in Photoshop. In this follow-up, we’ll take a look at a few useful ways that you can use blend modes in Photoshop.

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Screen to Print Match
Mar 2014 14

If you have ever experienced an issue with screen-to-print match, you’re not alone. Many photographers have given up trying to achieve an accurate screen-to-print match, and say that they either have a “pretty good idea” of what their printer will do, or they are willing to go the print-tweak, print-tweak route. This holds true for those making their own prints, and those working with outside print service providers.

You can save considerable time and money by adding a few simple steps to your workflow. Good screen to print match can save you significant time in post-production, and reduce or eliminate wasted materials.

Watch as we review end-to-end workflow, starting with camera controls and progressing through fundamentals of image color correction, display calibration, and printer profiling.

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Seán Duggan: Layer Blend Modes, Part 1
Mar 2014 11

Blending Modes in Adobe Photoshop are some of the most powerful ways to quickly transform an image, either for creative explorations, or for more practical purposes that address fixing a specific issue. Most people are probably familiar with blending modes from the Mode menu at the top of the Layers panel, but they also make appearances in other areas of Photoshop, such as options for any of the painting tools, and as key elements in the Apply Image and Calculations dialogs.

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Rolf Nachbar: A Look Inside My Photo Bag – What I Need for Landscape Photography
Mar 2014 04

In addition to my work as an advertising and industrial photographer, in recent years I have increasingly devoted my time to artistic landscape photography.

In contrast to a fully planned advertising production within a team with lots of light, props and photo shooting technology, all that counts in landscape photography, besides uncontrollable aspects such as climate and time, is the simplicity of the equipment, as well as reducing volume and weight.  After all, as my colleagues will surely confirm, the specially selected scene can usually only be reached on foot over long, difficult paths.

Meanwhile, I have been able to reduce my equipment to such an extent that in fact I don’t miss any part of the photo shooting technology, just carry a minimum weight and yet still achieve maximum resolution and colour depth.

Today I would like to open my photo bag exclusively for the Datacolor blog and show what I need for my pictures. Maybe this will trigger an approving or also critical reaction from a photo enthusiast and give us all a chance to extend our horizons and lenses.

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