Color Management for Video Capture, Editing and Display
Jun 2014 04

Watch Datacolor experts David Saffir and David Tobie as they introduce Datacolor’s newest product, the SpyderHD calibration suite for still and video color management.

They focus on color management for video workflow, helping you understand color controls from capture to display – whether on a reference monitor, TV set, or computer display. They demonstrate the use of the SpyderCHECKR device for camera characterization / profiling and white balance, the SpyderCUBE for color balance control and dynamic range, and the Spyder4ELITE HD calibration device for controlling individual editing displays, displays clustered in desktop workstations and in workgroups. The use of this device for field display calibration, such as with the Atomos Samurai Blade, will also be discussed.

Get a grip on all your color display devices for video with tips from the Datacolor team featuring our newest technology!

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Fundamentals of Image Editing – Using Layer Masks for Compositing in Photoshop Co-sponsored by Wacom
Jun 2014 03

Watch Datacolor Experts, David Saffir and David Tobie as they discuss image editing using one of the most powerful tools in Photoshop: Layer Masks. Layer masks can be used simply to enhance single images, apply special effects, selectively edit color, saturation, sharpness, highlight/shadow detail and more. Additionally, layer masks make it possible to combine or “stack” multiple images to create one with continuous depth of field, or to manage any variety of aspects of the image. During the process, we’ll make extensive use of a Wacom tablet to create composite images.

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David Cardinal: Sigma Global Vision Lenses Paired with SpyderLENSCAL Offer the Ultimate in Lens Tuning
May 2014 28

It is no longer a secret that focus tuning is an important tool for every photographer who wants to get the most out of their equipment. The addition of microfocus adjustment to many modern DSLR camera bodies have also made it possible for photographers to do this tuning themselves, without the added time and expense of sending their camera and lens into a service department. Recently Sigma has added this capability to its Global Vision lines of lenses when they are used with its proprietary USB dock.

Until Datacolor introduced the SpyderLENSCAL the process of tweaking focus was not just painful, but error prone. Now it is something I do periodically for my own gear, and that we do with participants on our safaris.

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Calibration for the Capture Stage of the Digital Workflow – Co-sponsored by Hunt’s Photo & Video
May 2014 22

Watch, as Datacolor Color Management Experts David Tobie and David Saffir discuss the different concerns photographers face with calibration before they even start a shoot or sit down to edit their images. They’ll take you through Datacolor’s calibration solutions for capture or post-production workflow and give real life examples for practical usage and improved results.

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