Landscape Image Editing and Enhancement: New Editing Tools for Photoshop and Lightroom
May 2014 01

Photoshop and Lightroom provide a wide range of tools for image correction and editing. Those tools, however, don’t always provide an intuitive path, or workflow to achieve your creative vision. Watch as we discuss some of the new offerings from Macphun Software, such as Intensify Pro, Snapheal Pro, and Focus 2 Pro. We’ll review up-front color management and continue with image editing, using examples from our landscape and architecture portfolios.

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SpyderHD Released; Interview With David Tobie from NAB
Apr 2014 30

Here’s an audio interview from NAB, conducted by Larry Jordan of Digital Production Buzz with David Tobie, Imaging Product & Technology Manager for Datacolor. The interview Includes discussion about the new SpyderHD system from Datacolor, and is focused on color management for still image and video production. . The discussion regarding SpyderHD emphasizes color management for single monitors, multiple displays, reference monitors, televisions, and cameras.

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TWiT.TV Interview on Still and Video Calibration with SpyderHD
Apr 2014 22

Scott Wilkinson interviewed Datacolor Product & Technology Manager C. David Tobie on the floor of the NAB 2014 tradeshow. The topics included calibration for video, what that means for 4K, and what the new SpyderHD bundle can offer for both still and motion calibration. Thanks to Scott and TWiT.TV for including us in TWiTbits coverage of NAB.

Since this interview covers the use of the SpyderCUBE, it is interesting to actually white balance the video. The image below shows a frame from the interview that includes the SpyderCUBE. At the top of the image, the frame is direct from the video. At the bottom the same frame has been white balanced using the SpyderCUBE as the reference. If you have a calibrated display, you can judge of the value of this correction yourself.

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Luminous-Landscape visits WPPI
Apr 2014 16

Luminous-Landscape contributor, Kevin Raber, sat down with Datacolor’s Global Product Technology Manager, David Tobie, at the Wedding Portrait Photographers International (WPPI) Trade Show & Convention in March.  In this video by Chris Sanderson, David tells us how photographers and videographers can successfully achieve correct color, light and white balance and exposure by utilizing the SpyderCHECKR and SpyderCUBE.  David also goes into depth on how to use these Spyder tools and how they interact with today’s DSLR cameras.

WPPI 2014: Datacolor’s David Tobie & Kevin Raber from The Luminous Landscape on Vimeo.

Read more about Luminous-Landscape’s visit to WPPI.

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