Datacolor Welcomes Jason Matias to its Friends With Vision Program
Dec 2016 13

Photography began as a means of solving the “no picture, no proof” argument when I used to do solo backcountry hiking in Alaska. I was stationed at Eielson AFB at the time. Since then it’s bloomed, wintered, and bloomed again. I now define my photography within two distinct veins.

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Save time and money by using softproofing in Photoshop and Lightroom.
Dec 2016 07

The softproof function in Photoshop and Lightroom allows you to get an impression on how a printout will look when printed on your printer with the appropriate paper. It can also show you how the print result will look when you receive the print back from the service provider.

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John Walrath: Meet Spyder5+
Nov 2016 25

Datacolor has recently launched an exciting upgrade for our line of Spyder5 display calibration tools. This upgrade adds a number of useful features to make calibration more effective and convenient. We call this upgrade Spyder5 Plus

Spyder5 Plus software is available if you own a Spyder5. There are two Spyder5 Plus software versions: Spyder5PRO+ and Spyder5ELITE+.

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My visit to the Adobe MAX Creativity Conference
Nov 2016 17

Adobe uses its annual MAX conference to showcase its newest technologies and point the way forward with its vision for the future of the creative professions. This year’s event, the largest ever with 10,000 attendees, set a very-bullish tone. Adobe sees creativity as a major growth area, both as a profession, and as a part of the global economy. To support that future, Adobe is driving aggressively to a collaboration-centric, shared-resource, vision for the future. That vision makes universal, excellent, and accurate color management a necessity. We’ll look at why that is by diving into several of Adobe’s initiatives – Cloud-native, Adobe Stock, and new ways for photographers to work directly with designers.

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Oct 2016 05

Color calibration is an important process when taking and editing photos. With the Spyder5CAPTURE PRO bundle, it only takes a few steps to ensure perfect, consistent color in all your shots. The kit includes, the SpyderCHECKR to give your photos a color reference, the SpyderLENSCAL, to adjust autofocusing, the SpyderCUBE, to obtain perfect exposure, and the Spyder5ELITE, for accurate monitor calibration.

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