David Cardinal: Making the Color in Your Wildlife Images Pop Using Some Contrast-Enhancing Tools
Nov 2014 12

As much or more than in any other type of photography, it is the “pop” of an image that catches our eye when we first see a wildlife photograph. Once our attention is drawn to the image, we start to pay attention to the action, the species involved, and the setting. But without stopping the viewers’ eyes, none of that matters. It is imperative that you know how to bring the drama out in your images to be a successful wildlife photographer.

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Ken Sklute: Patience, Preparedness and Persistence in Photography!
Nov 2014 07

One of the comments I hear frequently from attendees at my lectures is “Wow, you must be extremely lucky to pull up and get that shot!”.

The truth of the matter is that luck has a little to do with creating great images, however planning, patience and persistence are the key ingredients to creating great images, no matter what your subject is.

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Ken Sklute: Breaking Out of Your Box – By Getting Into a New One!
Nov 2014 03

There are points in which we all need a change in the scenery! You may be shooting for four years or forty years and you take a look at your work and feel that you need something to motivate you to see things differently than you are used to. How do we accomplish broadening our style, you might ask? Well, in order to see through new eyes, we need to make conscious decisions to look at different subjects, a new lens, or possibly a new format.

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C. David Tobie: The Retina iMac for Photo and Video Work, Part II
Oct 2014 29

Visual color assessment of the Retina iMac’s display shows it to be close to the target values, closer than many off-the-shelf displays. Its color and densities, out of the box, would be better for general consumer use than almost any other solution, short of top-end dedicated graphics displays.

That’s great news for most users, but not quite enough for those doing serious color work, including photography, on the iMac. The display we tested was just a bit denser in the midtones than would be ideal, and the colors are a bit punchy.

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