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May 2013 31

Most cameras have a range of creative remote control capabilities you may not even know exist. In this exploration of remote camera control possibilities we will cover the basics of shooting tethered to a computer, remote release devices, time and interval shooting (including interval shooting for combination into video streaming later) and remote triggering via long-run wired and wireless connections. Applications will include, but are not limited to: commercial, stop-motion, wildlife, city and landscape photography.

Watch as Datacolor Experts David Saffir and C. David Tobie share creative tips and techniques that can be utilized to trigger your camera.

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Datacolor Expert Gianluca Colla: Behind The Scenes in India
May 2013 30

This video shows footage from a photo shoot in India conducted by professional photographer and Datacolor Expert Gianluca Colla. Gianluca’s photographs have appeared in various publications including National Geographic Magazine, New York times, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, CondèNaste, Bloomberg News.

His images are represented by National Geographic Image Collection. Gianluca has an intense lecturing and teaching activity counting various seminars and workshops, including TPW, Canon Academy and Cruise Photo Factory.

Seán Duggan: Image Interpretation – Into Darkness
May 2013 28

As photographers, preserving detail in the shadows is a goal that we often go to great lengths to achieve, both through good exposure practices and post-processing. Preserving, and in some cases, enhancing, detail in the darkest shadows may be important for some shots, but it’s not a rule that needs to be applied to every photograph. One thing that causes some HDR images to look so unconvincing is the improbable level of detail that is visible in the darkest areas, even in scenes that are obviously backlit or photographed looking directly into the sun. Just because you can show detail in the darkest parts of the scene, doesn’t mean that it adds anything worthwhile to the image. Indeed, there is much that can be gained in terms of dramatic impact, mystery and depth by purposefully pushing the image into the darker realms of the tonal scale.

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C.David Tobie: Acorn, Intermediate Image Editing for the Mac
May 2013 23

More and more photographers are going without a copy of Photoshop, given its price tag of several hundred dollars. Many of these users are using the much more affordable, and for most photo tasks much more practical, Lightroom to organize and edit their images. There are also the users still working in iPhoto, but who have reached the point of wanting more advanced features than iPhoto offers.

Such users have the need to occasionally make localized edits, layered files, composited images, images with text added, and other such tasks not covered by Lightroom or iPhoto. Acorn is a very legitimate option for both these cases.

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David Saffir: Shooting Tethered With the SpyderCUBE
May 2013 21

In the first post in this series, I mentioned the importance of “getting it right in the camera”. Well, how about the option of “getting it right in the computer”, too?

Many of us are taking advantage of shooting with the camera connected with a cable or wireless device to a desktop or laptop computer. Often referred to as shooting “tethered”, this offers several advantages. Images are immediately transferred to the computer, and stored on its hard drive. It’s also possible to create a system whereby incoming images are automatically backed up to a second storage device for safety. In fact, in many ways, images can be processed as they are imported from the camera.

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