C. David Tobie: Dedicated Cinema Lenses and Your DSLR
Oct 2013 31

Standard DSLR lenses of the type you already own for your DSLR cameras work quite well for shooting video, both with DSLR bodies, and with the next step up: Cinema cameras such as those from Black Magic and Camera Red, if the lens mounts are compatible. However there are also dedicated cinema lenses designed specifically for shooting video. This may leave you wondering just what is unique about these lenses, and why might you consider acquiring one or more of them.

The list of advantages of Cinema lenses over their DSLR brethren is relatively short, and the justifications may sound minimal as well; but they may add up to justify adding one or more dedicated cinema lenses to your collection, if you find yourself shooting an increasing amount of motion.

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C. David Tobie: Android and iOS 7 Mobile Color
Oct 2013 29

There has been much discussion of the new color scheme in iOS 7. While many users are pleased with the new features and functions of the latest Apple Mobile update, there is less enthusiasm for the color choices. One common complaint is that it makes iPhones and iPads look like Android devices. Perhaps there is something behind that idea. To find out, lets start by taking a look at how Android devices deal with color.

Android has a much wider array of screen types than iOS, and many device vendors add their own elements into the mix. In order to make an Android device stand out from the pack, vendors have been using an approach similar to the Torch Mode trick used with TVs and Computer displays. Torch mode is the nickname for setting a display to maximum brightness, and manipulating other controls to assure that a display stands out in a crowded showroom. Accuracy is not the goal here; being seen is the only intent. That’s why it’s important to calibrate TVs and computer displays after purchase.

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David Cardinal: Setting White Balance in Adobe Photoshop Elements using the SpyderCUBE
Oct 2013 22

As more and more photographers turn to Adobe Photoshop Elements for their image editing needs, it’s great to know that pro-quality tools like Datacolor’s SpyderCUBE can be used with it, as well as with its big brother Photoshop. Especially with the updates in Elements version 12, Elements is all that many photographers need to produce top quality work. The SpyderCUBE helps them make the most of their photo shoots by allowing accurate adjustment of white balance, as well as exposure and black level settings.

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Small Lighting for Big Spaces Co-sponsored by Metz – Manfrotto School of Xcellence
Oct 2013 18

Not too long ago, standard practice for lighting large spaces involved hauling a lot of heavy equipment into a venue, laying out electrical service lines, creating support stands and scaffolding, and so on. Of course there was also tearing it all down, packing it away, and hauling it off again. Things have changed. It’s now possible to carry all or most of the gear you’ll need to light a large space in a duffle bag and camera bag, frequently doing it all without touching an electrical outlet and still getting an equivalent or superior result.

Watch David Saffir and David Tobie as they explore newer methods for lighting interiors using lighting systems adapted from on-camera flash units, purpose-built remote units and triggers. We think you’ll be surprised by the possibilities and impressed by the results!

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