Seán Duggan: The Importance of Contrast
Jan 2014 22

One of the most important qualities that can have a significant impact on an image, no matter what the subject matter, is contrast. In an earlier article for this blog (“Black is the New Black”) I wrote about the importance of black for creating a solid framework for a photograph. Black, or deep shadows, is one-half of the contrast relationship. The other half is the bright highlights. Both are important to the contrast balance in a photograph.

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Save Up to $60 During the Winter Wonderland of Savings!!
Jan 2014 15

It’s that time of year to update your photography equipment and ensure the optimum color experience within your workflow. There is no better time to enhance your capabilities in color management and create the precision control you need in order to create outstanding images. The Spyder line of products offer easy-to-use, full-featured solutions for your workflow that every photographer, videographer and designer needs.

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David Saffir: Suggestions for Planning a Video Shoot
Jan 2014 09

I’m getting ready for a video shoot tomorrow, and I want to share a summary of thoughts and ideas about preparation. In this case, I’m putting together a straightforward series of promotional interviews for the client’s web site.

In brief, you want to be prepared in advance, know the scope of work, client expectations, and gear and resources you’ll need.

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David Cardinal: Using SpyderCUBE in the field – Lessons from Myanmar
Jan 2014 07

While many of the benefits of shooting with a SpyderCUBE – like matching product colors to catalog photos or ferreting out the precise white balance of a complex set of studio lighting – are best achieved in controlled conditions, with a little perseverance your SpyderCUBE can be a very helpful tool in the field as well. I took one with me on the photo tour I just led to Cambodia and Myanmar (Burma), and put it through its paces. I’ll admit that some of the ‘CUBE’ shots from the trip were taken for effect, but the SpyderCUBE helped me get the right color balance and set highlights and shadows very quickly in a number of tricky situations.

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C. David Tobie: Gear Organization – What’s Inside Your Camera Bag?
Jan 2014 02

Why will we pay a small fortune for a camera bag, but nothing for the organizers we put inside it? Heads turn when I pull out a serious camera bag. But once I open it, the magic ends. I have random cases and pouches from companies ten years dead, and even an old electric shaver kit inside. So one of my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions was to improve the quality of my gear organizers this year. Given the state of the calendar, I needed to move quickly.

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