Small Scale and Macro Photography Co-sponsored by Joby
Nov 2013 20

Post-production is also a critical element in preserving details, sharpening and managing color. Watch as David Saffir and David Tobie discuss this important aspect of photography, including real-life examples and scenarios. You’ll find that Macro photography is easier than it looks which will enable you to produce impressive images in no time!

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David Saffir: DSLR Video Gear On a Budget – Accessories
Nov 2013 19

A dedicated video tripod is ideal – offering sturdy, rigid support – but at a penalty in weight/portability. Tripod steadiness and rigidity are critical, and small movements or camera shake will show up in time-lapse or video capture. (remember that at 24 fps we are working at a shutter speed of approx. 1/50 sec.)

A traditional still camera support like a ball head isn’t suitable for video – it’s just not controllable enough. I recently picked up a used Manfrotto fluid video head that doesn’t look very good, but works just fine. A fluid video head allows smooth, dampened movements rotating up and down, and side to side – making it a critical element of your support system.

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David Saffir: DSLR Video Gear On a Budget – Cameras and Lenses
Nov 2013 14

How to get into reasonable quality video capture, without spending all your cash or going deeply into debt? Many small cameras and iPhones offer video capture, but few, if any, can deliver high-quality, reasonable resolution capture. Real-world people can’t afford a Camera Red (myself included), so what to do?

I’ve been looking into this, thinking long and hard about the opportunities. I’m particularly interested in creating video content for my educational efforts and in fine art imaging. In the latter case, I’m intrigued by the possibilities offered in capturing video with simultaneous camera movement. I’m convinced that one can capture an element of dimensionality and a realistic viewpoint in video not accessible in still photography. That’s a big statement, for a life-long still photographer.

So how to get started? I’ve been working with Barry Anderson and his team during the DSLR Digital Dynamics seminars (still ongoing – next session I will attend is in Miami, others can be found here.), and with Ken Sklute at the recent California Photo Festival, and I’ve picked up a few tips along the way that might be helpful to others.

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Datacolor Awarded Best of Show at the PDN PhotoPlus Expo by IMPress
Nov 2013 12

With more than 24,000 professional photographers, videographers and enthusiasts in attendance and 250 exhibits showcasing thousands of products, Datacolor was awarded Best of Show by IMPress (an International Press Association Publication) at the 30th annual PDN PhotoPlus Expo.

Check out the full list of Best of Show Awards from IMPress.

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