Camera Color Tools and Software for Photo and Video
Aug 2014 13

This webinar is intended to cover concepts and techniques related to in-camera and post-production color management for still and video cameras. Use of the new SpyderCHECKR 24 from Datacolor will be the focus of this discussion. You will learn how to normalize and manage color in individual cameras and while using multiple cameras, on-set or on-location.

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Trip of a Lifetime: Datacolor Contest Winner Rosemary Romito’s Week with Cardinal Photo and the Bears of Alaska
Aug 2014 12

Rosemary Romito is the lucky winner of our Datacolor Sweepstakes contest, co-sponsored by Sigma Photo. She won an all-expenses-paid trip with me on one of my Alaskan Grizzly Bear (aka Brown Bear) and Puffin photo safaris.

Coming from the intense heat of Las Vegas, the cool weather of Alaska was a refreshing change for Rosemary as the trip started. The first evening we all went out to dinner at a restaurant overlooking a seaplane lake in Anchorage — not the sort of thing you’d see in the desert environs of Nevada — then had a quick briefing on what to expect during the week, and finally got some rest before our charter flight to the Silver Salmon Creek Lodge in Lake Clark Park.

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David Saffir: The New SpyderCHECKR 24 From Datacolor – Camera Color Correction for Photo and Video
Aug 2014 05

I’ve been working with the new SpyderCHECKR 24, which is the latest addition to the Datacolor toolbox for still photography and videography. It’s convenient, portable, and most important, very effective.

Every combination of lens, camera, and sensor has a unique color signature, and this may change in different lighting conditions. And, of course, these devices don’t perceive or record color the way the human eye does. And that’s where the SpyderCHECKR 24 comes in.

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Seán Duggan: Working with One Lightroom Catalog on Multiple Computers
Jul 2014 31

Most photographers’ digital life doesn’t revolve around a single computer. In this article we’ll explore some of the ways to use one Lightroom catalog on multiple computers.

One Catalog on an External Drive

The easiest way to use one catalog on multiple computers is to keep the Lightroom catalog file on an external hard drive, and move that drive between the computers. Since there is only one catalog file, it will always be up to date, no matter what computer you’re using.

To move your Lightroom catalog onto an external drive, first quit Lightroom. Then move the catalog files to the new drive. The default location where Lightroom stores the catalog files is in a folder named “Lightroom”, which is stored in the Pictures folder on a Mac, and in the My Pictures folder on a Windows machine (so, for example, the file path would look like something like this: Drivename>Pictures>Lightroom).

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