C. David Tobie: The Tripod Dilemma – Choosing a Tripod for Photo, without Excluding Video
Oct 2013 03

It is becoming more and more frequent for photographers, even those who do not currently shoot video, to be concerned about the video-compatibility of their new-gear purchases. This is wise, but don’t let the unknown paralyze you and keep you from meeting your current photographic needs. Here’s a quick guide to considerations that should assist you in getting what you need now, without shutting yourself out later.

Tripods are optional for many types of still photography; but not so for video, where some type of mount (be it a shoulder rig or a tripod) is used for virtually every shot. Tripods for video are typically quite rigid, so the lighter weight tripods sometimes used as a compromise in photography are not ideal for video work.

This means the first consideration for a multi-purpose tripod will be rigidity. If you are looking for a small, lightweight, low cost photography tripod for travel, then perhaps the best advice is for you to get just that; and accept that it will not be practical for any serious video use.

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C. David Tobie: The Simplest Trick in Display Calibration
Oct 2013 01

Display calibration can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. But either way, there is one consideration that is key to getting a good display-to-print match; and many users are still not getting it right. So it’s worth reconsidering your display calibration settings, if your prints still don’t match your screen.

Displays have changed over the years. Standard calibration and use of a color managed imaging application can take care of the issues created by the new wider gamut of many displays. And higher bit-depth may provide increased smoothness, but it should not cause any new color matching issues. The feature of newer displays that consistently causes the most problems is their increased brightness.

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Join Datacolor during the DSLR Dynamics – Video Visuals Tour
Sep 2013 26

Join Datacolor and other notable sponsors to explore the art of filmmaking at the DSLR Dynamics Video Visuals Tour in a city near you!  In-depth instruction for consistently shooting and editing better videos will be taught by award-winning instructors, Barry Andersson and planetMitch,  The workshop will give you the chance to gain expert knowledge as well as practical tips and tricks necessary to take greater control over creative projects, consistently deliver impactful videos, and master the look and feel you’ve been hoping for.

Whether you are a videographer, cinematographer, photographer getting into video, or currently shoot DSLR video – this program is for you!

Topics covered will include:

Filmmaking and Video

  • Best Lighting Practices
  • Cameras, Lenses and Camera Settings
  • Adding Movement to Video
  • Effectively Capturing Sound

Editing and Post-Production

Learn More:  dslrdynamics.com

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C. David Tobie: Atomos Spyder Support, and What It Means for You
Sep 2013 24

Last week a company named Atomos announced a bundle that includes an Atomos Video Field Recorder/Display with a Datacolor Spyder, plus custom software and a special cable. Its a clever solution that allows these small, camera-mounted video displays to be color calibrated, so that they can be trusted for more than just seeing where the camera is pointing.

To appreciate the value of this, its important to understand how calibration differs between computer-driven displays and video displays (be they small field displays, or big, expensive video reference displays). With a computer, there is a standard end-to-end solution available. The screen can be read from a Spyder connected to the same computer that the display is connected do, and the resulting calibration can be downloaded to the video card that drives the display.

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C. David Tobie: Mac Finder Color Issues
Sep 2013 19

Mac users have been noticing that thumbnails of their images, in the Mac Finder, are not always showing correct color. Most commonly, this occurs when using a wide gamut working space, and results in very flat, and sometimes off-hue image color in the Finder preview of the image. I have received a number of questions about this, and while there I can’t offer a simple answer, I can provide some interesting information on the topic.

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