Join Datacolor at the Pasadena Pro Photo Expo and Conference
Aug 2013 15

Join Datacolor at the Pasadena Pro Photo Expo and Conference.  Stop by booth #415 to learn the ins and outs of color management and watch live demos using the Spyder line of products.   Samy’s Camera, our valued reseller, will be offering specials on Datacolor Spyder products during the show!


Pasadena Convention Center
300 E. Green Street
Pasadena, California 

Friday, August 23 – Sunday, August 25, 2013

Register now for a FREE Expo only tradeshow pass from Datacolor   

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Top Reasons Why You Should Consider Calibrating Your Display
Aug 2013 13

Photographers, videographers and designers can work confidently on a properly color calibrated screen and can assert greater control over the color fidelity of their digital process. Images can be reliably assessed and adjusted on a properly calibrated display, enabling true-to-life reproduction of image files.

Displays are normally set at the factory for a brightly lit office environment, more for word processing than image editing. This “fresh from the box” condition can be very frustrating. First, you have very little chance of seeing the correct color. Second, the brightness and contrast settings kill shadow and highlight detail, and often flatten out mid-tone transitions.

Calibrating your display will bring the performance of the device in line with requirements for photography, giving you rich but not over-saturated color, accurate neutral grays, good mid-tones, and realistic shadows and highlights.

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Datacolor’s Partnership with TEN: Get Motion Artist & Graphic designer Lydia Ballergeaus’s Work For Free on August 9th
Aug 2013 08

Fotolia’s TEN campaign, an educational campaign that features a different renown artist from around the world every month, is featuring US stop motion artist and graphic designer Lydia Baillergeau. Baillergeau is the first “special edition” artist to be featured, and is the first stop motion designer to be featured. She shares tips and best practices for aspiring motion designers.

Bay Area native, Lydia Baillergeau, is TEN Season 2’s 7th featured artist.  Originally a print designer, Baillergeau has always been interested in art and an artistic career. I’ve been drawing, doodling, writing, imagining, and creating for as long as I could remember,” she says. A Monet fan from childhood, Lydia’s style is light, inspired and colorful.. “I was totally captivated by his paintings and his sense of light.”

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Advanced Photographic Composition Landscape and Still-Life
Aug 2013 08

Watch Datacolor Experts David Saffir and C. David Tobie discuss a series of landscape and still-life images, examining the elements that make each shot successful and providing suggestions for improvements in each case.

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David Saffir: Using the SpyderCube with Histograms
Aug 2013 06

Remember the “old-style”, ordinary middle-gray card, the one so often used to help set exposure? As time went on, and digital photography came into its own, that same gray card was sometimes used to set in-camera white balance, or in post-production to neutralize color-cast effects produced by in-scene illuminants.

The problem is that many gray cards look gray, but the reflected light from the card may be affected by materials used its construction. These materials are considered to be “spectrally-biased”, in other words, they may reflect a color-cast from the illuminant in use.

If one uses a different material, one that is “spectrally-neutral”, it will return a result (reflected light) that is accurate regardless of lighting used. The material will have a neutral appearance, with little or no color-cast. The SpyderCUBE, which is discussed below, is constructed of these materials. That is what makes it so useful in setting in-camera white balance, and in neutralizing overall color in post-production.

Here’s a demonstration using an ordinary gray card purchased at my local camera shop….

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