David Saffir: Master Class – Fine Art Printmaking, July 15th
Jun 2012 27

This is an intermediate to advanced level, one day, intensive class intended for aspiring pros and professionals alike. Color management from capture through print making, with emphasis on output will be the focus of the class. Epson ers will be on hand as well as a range of pro-level color management gear from Datacolor. Our goal is to enable students to create fine art prints for sale exhibition, or gallery use, using a variety of media types including photographic, watercolor/fine art and canvas.

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Nela König: Beauty Shooting for Shan Rahimkhan
Jun 2012 26

Shan and I have been friends for years and often enjoy working together. The beauty photo series we planned uses the Punk as its topic. I wanted the theme not only to be visible in the hairstyle and make-up, but also in the picture itself. To create the desired mood I chose a white wall as a background, so I could generate blue shadows on it and at the same time give the model’s skin a natural look. As a first step I tried out different blue filters on my assistant and my stylist.

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C. David Tobie: Top Ten Reasons to Calibrate Your Displays
Jun 2012 21

Have you been thinking about calibrating your displays? Are you wondering if it’s really necessary? It absolutely is, and C. David Tobie gives you ten fantastic reasons to get off the fence and take control of your color.

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Calibration for the Capture Stage of the Digital Workflow
Jun 2012 13

Watch as Datacolor Color Management Experts, David Tobie and David Saffir discuss the different concerns photographers face with calibration before they even start a shoot or sit down to edit their images. They’ll take you through Datacolor’s calibration solutions for Capture or post-production workflow and give real life examples for practical usage and improved results.

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Gianluca Colla: Reasons To Calibrate Autofocus
Jun 2012 12

Calibrating the autofocus? Do I really need it? Can I do it myself? The answer is yes to all of the above questions, but there are a few considerations to make, so let’s start from the beginning. Although we like to think our brand new camera and lenses are perfect out of the box, real life says it doesn’t always work that way. How many times while shooting a portrait, have we’ve focused on the eye, and the real sharper point was an eyelash or worst, the nose or the ear?

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