Renowned Photographer and Photo Instructor Sean Duggan Joins the Friends with Vision Experts Team
Dec 2012 27

Datacolor is pleased to welcome Sean Duggan to our Friends with Vision Experts Team. Sean has so many credits to his name that it won’t be possible to fit them all into this short note. But lets start with these:

Sean has recently released the second edition of Photoshop Masking and Compositing, along with co-authors Katrin Eismann and James Porto. There are not that many physical books being published in the photo how-to field any longer; those sufficiently popular to go to print, not just to Kindle and iBooks are already a rare breed. Ones with a list of authors this prestigious are still rarer. You can take a look, or better yet, order your copy, at: Check out Sean’s other publications here:  We hope to publish a review of Photoshop Masking and Compositing on the SpyderBLOG in the near future, so stay tuned.

Sean teaches at many of the leading workshop series, such as Santa Fe Workshops, Maine Media Workshops, and even the Iceland Workshops, as well as speaking at a number of the leading photography conventions. Review his list of upcoming events here:

Sean shoots in a number of techniques and styles, but perhaps his most iconic work is in his “Artifacts of Uncertain Origins” series; a set of memorable images shot with a wooden pinhole camera. We will feature a few images from this series on Sean’s Friends with Vision page, but here’s a sneak peak at one of them.

It is our hope that Sean will be a frequent contributor to the SpyderBlog, as well as presenting in Datacolor’s ongoing Webinar Series, with other FwVs, such as David Saffir, David Cardinal, David Ziser, David Tobie; as you can see, we need an instructor or two who are not named David! So, welcome to the team, Sean, but don’t even think about changing your name to David.