At its core, photography is of course about visual communication. There is probably no one who would agree more readily with this viewpoint than Rolf Nachbar, who sees himself first and foremost not as a photographer, but as a messenger of visual communication.

It is his clear grasp of anything to do with visual concepts that make the 45 year old German and his design, photography and post production team a valuable partner for his various clients, and communicating their message non-verbally is the sort of challenge Rolf likes to rise to on a daily basis.

There is however much more to this visual communications pro than what meets the eye at first sight. Rolf also has a passion not only for fine art, but for the very basic elements of photography; light, space and time, with which he likes to play. And his willingness to experiment with these elements for his independent works clearly pays off. Inspired by the “Rhythmgrams” of German photographer Heinrich Heidersberger from the 1950’s and 60’s, Rolf has for example published and exhibited a series of abstract images in which he captures lights, colors, contrasts and movements in unique and fascinating ways.

Links to his independent as well as his commercial works can be found on Rolf’s (german) Website: