Rolly Magpayo is an Advertising Art Director, Painter, and Photographer. He has worked for multi-national advertising agencies and is now currently working in the Philippines’ leading TV Network. He shoots Landscape, travel and glamour and contributes to different photography magazines in the country. Rolly conducts regular workshops in Photography, Post Processing and Film Making.

  • nelson


  • Mitchmig

    walastik sir!

  • Bambit Gaerlan

    Good work, Rolly! You always manage to let us know the importance of good gear to photography, the correct way. The pictures featured here are some of your best landscapes too. Hope we’ll always be witness to your craft and your dedication to teaching photography.

  • Nelson

    Rolly is the first Friends with Vision from Asia Pacific…it is so great!

  • bjhernandez

    congrats dad! 😉

  • His photographs will always be an inspiration.

  • Jom

    Rolly is a very well-traveled photographer, as shown by his many photographs in places well off the beaten track. He is good natured and unassuming, and has a passion for teaching his craft to others.

  • Well, it obvious that the photos on display are work of a master! No doubt!
    I am so glad that I have known someone like you sir. An inspiration for a wanna be photographer like me…

    I hope in the future, I would learn valuable insight about this craft…I am so looking forward for that…

    See you!

  • Nice article! Congrats for being featured Rolly! You deserve it and you will always be one of my inspiration. Your photographs are really awe inspiring and I’m glad that I’m one of the lucky people that got to meet and learn from you :)

  • Joseph Leh

    I’ve known Rolly for quite some time, apart from being a very good photographer, he’s a better teacher and instructor. Thank you for imparting your knowledge to us all!

  • Rolly is a good friend and mentor.. his masterpiece shows how he perfects his art. Cheers to you and God Bless!

  • Alan Santos II

    Looking at this awesome photos really put a smile on my face.. how i wish to capture photos like this someday. such unique talent. keep it up sir. :)

  • Neil Laygo

    Sir Rolly as I’ve always called him…is a very good mentor…knowledgeable in a lot of things. You can see in his masterpieces. Malinis, maganda and decent ang pagkakagawa. His talents go beyond photography. A true artist with very solid foundation. Inspite of all his talents, he remains down to earth. A rare breed. More power and more success sir! :)

  • Ray Andallon

    Rolly’s works never cease to awe and inspire. Great captures, coupled with such down-to-earth essays of his journeys around the country, would always ask you for more. Congratulations and God bless!

  • Raul Echivarre

    Rolly can definitely deliver the goods. He knows how to leverage his talent to its fullest potential. All the best, Rolly!

  • Benedict Laig

    Congratulations to one of the very best teacher and mentor one could ever have. Here’s hoping to see more inspiring photos in the future!

  • joanne yabres

    Kuya Rolly (as I kindly call him) never cease to amaze me with his photography, i got the opportunity to see him in action and he really knew how to seize it all, Congrats!

  • Ricky Ladia

    Congratulations Rolly, one of the best there is! :)

  • Ren

    Brother ko yan…

  • Great shots from a master of his craft! Superb as always. :)

    Sir Rolly is also generous in sharing his talents — an admirable quality of a great mentor. 😉

  • Seems my admiration to your skills and talents knows no bounds…and it all started with your visit here in Iligan. Continued to increase with your 3rd visit during the film making workshop. The reason why I try to attend all your workshops.
    The products that you endorse to help us improve our skills likewise are of great help as they are tried and proven by you yourself…The MASTER! Now I have shifted to them, from camera to tripod to camera bag to dry cabinets! Please don’t ask where I got all the cash, hahaha. Only my wife knows.
    But this I can say to those who are looking to improve their skills in the field of Photography and Film Making, Rolly Magpayo is and will always be my top priority for instructions, for assistance and for advise.
    God bless you and your family always!

  • Leonardo Villafranca

    Rolly’s talents and skill level were evident in his photographic and artistic outputs. His travel photos demand you to ” be there ” instead of go there. It is not shown or mentioned above but his dedication to the advocacy works that are dear to his heart are exemplary, as well as a constant source of inspiration. Rolly, Congratulations and all the best !

  • Stephanie Sioson

    you are looking for a mentor, you can’t go wrong with Sir Rolly Magpayo. Not only does he produce work that takes your
    breath away, he also dedicates a lot of time ensuring that your own work
    elicits the same effect. He teaches you
    what you need to know then goes out of his way to teach you more if he thinks
    you already know what he taught. And
    when you thank him for it, he’ll say, “I’ll do my
    best to make you tell everyone I helped you improve.” His works are masterpieces and his people
    skills are great. His sponsors trust him
    and we patronize his sponsors because we trust him. That’s Rolly Magpayo for you, a true artist
    and an admirable teacher.

    Cheers, Sir Rolly! Here’s to more
    success, health and happiness.

  • Rex Navarro

    Learning from Rolly doesn’t end in his workshops. He is willing to assist when you see him online. More than that, you have the opportunity to shoot landscapes alongside with him and see how he works. Don’t wander too far off though as you won’t see his shots and then tell you how it’s done. Did I mention he has tons of travel stories? Congratulations Sir!