Rose-Lynn Fisher’s Microphotography Art Prints exhibited at Lotusland, Santa Barbara CA
Feb 2013 28

Rose-Lynn Fisher has produced a stunning series of black and white prints from scanning electron microscope images, all details of bees. This work was produced using Datacolor Spyder4ELITE and SpyderPRINT products to color manage the art-print process, so we take particular delight in these images. Seeing the large art prints in person is an amazing experience; one well worth the effort of attending this show, if you find yourself in Southern or Central Coast California this Spring.

The Fisher Images “beeing” unpacked and inventoried at Lotusland

For those with a passion for bees, and black and white photography, Rose-Lynn’s book Bee, published by Princeton Architectural Press, is also available. This is a great coffee table book, which draws in viewers of all ages and interests. Copies will be available at Lotusland, as well as from Rose-Lynn’s website.

One of Rose-Lynn Fisher’s Bee Images

Rose-Lynn’s work will be a part of an exhibit called Swarm: A Collaboration with Bees, and is on display from February 23 to May 4 at Lotusland in Santa Barbara.

For those of you not familiar with the house and gardens at Lotusland, booking a tour will provide you with unique photo opportunities of your own, in the amazing private gardens, as well as a chance to see the art exhibit.

Lotusland Mansion and Lawns; extensive gardens fill the estate