Spyder Products under OS X 10.8: Mountain Lion
Aug 2012 07

Mac users are quickly adopting Mountain Lion (OS X 10.8), Apple’s latest operating system update for the Macintosh. It offers an array of new features, many of them improving feature parity to Apple’s iOS mobile operating system.

Mountain Lion also includes GateKeeper, a new security tool. GateKeeper is set to a default security setting of “medium”. Setting it to “high” will mean that users can only download software from Apple’s own App Store, a situation that will not be suitable for many users, since much software, including Datacolor Spyder products, are hardware-related, and are not available from the App Store.

At the default “medium” setting, Apps from Registered Apple Developers can be installed from other on-line sources, such as the Developer’s own website. Datacolor is a Registered Apple Developer, so all recent Spyder installers now include the necessary certificates for installation at the default security setting. This applies to Spyder4ELITE, Pro and Express, Spyder3Elite, Pro and Express, SpyderCHECKR, SpyderPRINT, Spyder3TV and Spyder4TV. SpyderLENSCAL and SpyderCUBE do not require any Datacolor Apps to be used, so this is not an issue for those products.

There are no known issues with running Spyder software under Mountain Lion. Software that is currently installed on a system that is then upgraded to 10.8 will continue to work as it worked before. There are no known issues when installing Spyder Apps from existing Datacolor CD-ROMs, as GateKeeper is an on-line security system, and does not effect disc-based installation.

There are also no known issues with current Spyder App Installers downloaded from the Datacolor site. However, installing from older Installers downloaded previously will cause OS X 10.8 to display an error message, since the digital certificate required by OS X 10.8 is not included in these earlier Installers. There are workarounds for this; but the easiest solution is to download the latest Installer from the Datacolor site; you’ll want to be installing the most recent version for other reasons as well.

  • I’ve tested the installation of a few of my most commonly used apps under Mountain Lion, and Datacolor’s new web-downloaded installers, as well as those from Apple, NIK, and other developers, install at the “medium” security setting with no issues, so the Digital Certificate feature appears to be functioning as expected.

  • Alfredo Altamirano

    I have a Spyder4Pro and I have tested it with 3 Lion 10.8 Macs and all three screens are yellowish at the end of the calibration.

    When I do the calibration with Snow Leopard 10.6 everything is perfectly calibrated ! (even with the same monitor that I used to calibrate one of the Lion based Macs)