Calling All Android Users
Aug 2012 13

The SpyderGALLERY* application will soon be available for Android devices. Right now we are making the finishing touches on the app. This is the moment in which YOU can take the opportunity to be a part of the Datacolor product testing team. Apply now to become a possible SpyderGALLERY tester! Requirements: Any device running Android Honeycomb OS or higher; any Spyder3 or Spyder4 colorimeter. Interested? Send an email to

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C. David Tobie: Adobe Releases Photoshop Touch for iPhone & Android
Mar 2013 12

Last year’s release of Photoshop Touch for the iPad brought iOS image editing to a new level. However, the camera in recent iPhone models are superior to those in the iPad, and iPhones are the tools most commonly in-hand for photography. So, lacking a phone version of Photoshop Touch meant being marginalized as a mobile editing tool.

Now Adobe as remedied that situation with new releases of PS Touch specifically for the iPhone and Android. The iPhone version of the app clearly uses the same engine and tools as the iPad version, with new palettes and organization to fit the reduced format of the iPhone screen. This provides a level of control, including powerhouse features such as selections, layers, and warp controls, that have not been available in most iPhone editing tools to-date.

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C. David Tobie: SpyderGALLERY Now Supports Android Phones & Tablets
Jul 2013 18

For more than a year, Datacolor has been saying that SpyderGALLERY for Android was under development. Now it has finally been released and is available for free from the Google Play Store. But what took so long?

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C. David Tobie: Android and iOS 7 Mobile Color
Oct 2013 29

There has been much discussion of the new color scheme in iOS 7. While many users are pleased with the new features and functions of the latest Apple Mobile update, there is less enthusiasm for the color choices. One common complaint is that it makes iPhones and iPads look like Android devices. Perhaps there is something behind that idea. To find out, lets start by taking a look at how Android devices deal with color.

Android has a much wider array of screen types than iOS, and many device vendors add their own elements into the mix. In order to make an Android device stand out from the pack, vendors have been using an approach similar to the Torch Mode trick used with TVs and Computer displays. Torch mode is the nickname for setting a display to maximum brightness, and manipulating other controls to assure that a display stands out in a crowded showroom. Accuracy is not the goal here; being seen is the only intent. That’s why it’s important to calibrate TVs and computer displays after purchase.

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