David Cardinal: Using HDR to Create Realistic-Looking Images
Feb 2013 26

Initially heralded as a revolutionary breakthrough for photographers, High-dyanmic-range (HDR) images have unfortunately become known for looking fake and overblown. What many photographers don’t realize is that the over-the-top look typical of most HDR images isn’t the fault of the technology – it’s the fault of software tools that make it hard to create natural looking images, especially in the hands of photographers wishing they were painters.

There is a time and place for painting-like HDR images, and I’ve certainly done my share (some may say more than my share) of them. But sometimes I just want to use HDR to capture a scene that requires more dynamic range than my camera can capture in a single frame. Until recently it was hard to do that and create a realistic image. Fortunately, HDRSoft, makers of Photomatix Pro, my favorite HDR tool, have added two new presets that make it simple to create great photograph-looking photographs from multiple images.

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