Jens Haugen: Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Video
Aug 2012 03

I proudly present this  behind the scenes video from one of my shoots with a famous hairdresser company in Norway called “Adam & Eva.” The scenes are taken in London at a place called The Bathhouse. There was a lot of laughing and fun this day. I am happy with the creative challenges it gave me and the product in the end. You can see the final results here…

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C. David Tobie: Lighting A Color Target
Sep 2012 06

Its not rocket science; but the lighting of a color target requires a clear understandings of the functions, and the light sources, involved. This article will break down the various factors. The ideal way to light a target is with a single point light source at a great distance, at 45 degrees to the face of the target, with no other lighting. The rest is all details…

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Rolf Nachbar: How Can I Capture a Perfect Ferrari Red?
Sep 2012 11

What a request for a photo production: “Mr. Nachbar, can you photograph four historic Ferraris for us, for illustration in a big format calendar?” My heart as an advertising photographer and aficionado of historic cars took a leap after the first sentence already. The extent of the production and the requirements towards my team and me were defined quickly and clearly: We had to stage four unique Ferraris, manufactured between 1952 and 1970, on location, that should yield a nice twelve-image series for a picture calendar.

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Jens Haugen: Russeservice Photo Shoot (Video)
Sep 2012 13

Hope you will enjoy this behind the scenes from one of our latest jobs for the costumer : Russeservice. Here you can see how we work with lighting outside, and the sets from our shoots! We love using lights outside to make our pictures come alive!

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Rolf Nachbar: Interior Photography in Small Spaces – Staging Motorhomes Expertly
Sep 2012 25

One of my team’s specialties is the staging of beautiful interiors in small spaces. We have been photographing for the leading manufacturers of sailing and motorboats as well as motorhomes for many years now. Be it on wheels or or on the ocean, we try to tell the story of great freedom with luxurious living space with our images. A few weeks ago we were shooting this year’s new products for the European market leader in motorhome construction, Hymer AG. In this production report I want to go into some of the peculiarities and solutions of interior photography.

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Behind The Scenes With Datacolor Expert Rolf Nachbar
Oct 2012 05

This video shows behind the scenes footage from a photo shoot conducted by professional photographer Rolf Nachbar. Rolf explains how he uses SpyderCHECKR, our color reference tool and gray card. SpyderCHECKR helps capture consistent color from day to day and camera to camera. You can apply these results easily in your workflow with RAW import software such as, Adobe Photoshop and Lightroom.

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David Saffir: Tips For Portrait Photography Part 1: Lighting Equipment
Dec 2012 11

Portrait photography can be as simple, or elaborate, as you want to make it. There are photographers who limit themselves to head shots or small group portraits, and others whose range includes on-location lifestyle sessions that involve complex lighting setups, mixing ambient with controlled artificial lighting, and more. At the start, they all have at least one thing in common: lighting and color controls.

This article will be written in three parts: Part One will include information and tips about lighting equipment and selected fundamentals of exposure management, Part Two will deal with planning and executing lighting setups, and Part Three will discuss use of color management tools from Datacolor, including the SpyderCUBE and SpyderCHECKR.

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David Saffir: Tips For Portrait Photography Part 2: Planning and Executing Lighting Setups
Dec 2012 13

In my opinion, the old rule about “building your lighting setup one light at a time” still holds true. I generally build them up piece by piece, metering as I go for each light, and for the aggregate. I’ll use a simple high-key portrait setup as an example.

It’s important to note here that digital exposure is even more demanding that shooting transparencies. In fact, some people hold the opinion that 1/10 of a stop can be important in controlling a number of factors, ranging from highlight or shadow detail to color.

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David Saffir: Portrait Retouching: The Eyes Have It
Jan 2013 03

Like many photographers, I feel that the eyes are the most important part of a portrait. They draw the viewer in, and create a mood or feeling that’s evocative and memorable.

Assuming we’ve captured what we want in-camera, we move on to image editing. We want the eyes to come to the front of the image we’ll be working on here, so step by step I normally edit:

  • White area
  • Eyelashes and eyebrows
  • Iris and pupil contrast
  • Color

With practice, this takes only a few minutes.

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Nela König: Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Video
Mar 2013 07

This video shows footage from a photo shoot conducted by professional photographer and Datacolor Expert Nela König. Since 1989 Nela has worked as a freelance photographer in Los Angeles, Berlin and Hamburg. Nela’s work has focused on musicians and celebrities.

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