David Saffir: Shooting Tethered With the SpyderCUBE
May 2013 21

In the first post in this series, I mentioned the importance of “getting it right in the camera”. Well, how about the option of “getting it right in the computer”, too?

Many of us are taking advantage of shooting with the camera connected with a cable or wireless device to a desktop or laptop computer. Often referred to as shooting “tethered”, this offers several advantages. Images are immediately transferred to the computer, and stored on its hard drive. It’s also possible to create a system whereby incoming images are automatically backed up to a second storage device for safety. In fact, in many ways, images can be processed as they are imported from the camera.

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Datacolor Expert Gianluca Colla: Behind The Scenes in India
May 2013 30

This video shows footage from a photo shoot in India conducted by professional photographer and Datacolor Expert Gianluca Colla. Gianluca’s photographs have appeared in various publications including National Geographic Magazine, New York times, Newsweek, Los Angeles Times, CondèNaste, Bloomberg News.

His images are represented by National Geographic Image Collection. Gianluca has an intense lecturing and teaching activity counting various seminars and workshops, including TPW, Canon Academy and Cruise Photo Factory.

David Cardinal: Bronx Zoo Photo Walk
Jun 2013 25

Zoos are a great place to have fun photographing wildlife, without all the hassle of travel to remote locations. Of course, they don’t offer a truly “wild” experience, but even for those headed for a wildlife safari zoos offer great practice. So I’ve had a lot of fun leading photo walks to the Bronx Zoo for B&H Photo the last two years.

With over 200 participants on the walk, we got a large number of all sorts of questions from participants about the right way to photograph in the tricky lighting found in the Zoo. In particular, the question of white balance came up frequently, so we’ll provide some tips on it in this article.

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Nela König: Testimonial photo-shoot with Mousse T. for Conmoto
Dec 2013 17

This time I had the honor of photographing my good friend Mousse T., the well-known songwriter and music producer, for the company Conmoto. For the location we selected Sra Bua in Hotel Adlon. The Sra Bua is not only an excellent restaurant, but also an exceptional location. The rooms reflect a multifaceted fusion of Asia and Europe.

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David Saffir: The Move to Motion: Timelapse Photography
Jan 2014 30

Timelapse photography is a great way to break into motion-based imaging. Timelapse can be accomplished in at least two ways: combining multiple frames into a single image, or using multiple frames to create a timelapase video. In this article, I’ll discuss the former; we have additional articles coming up that will discuss the latter.

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Seán Duggan: Layer Blend Modes, Part 2
Mar 2014 18

In Part 1 of this article I covered the fundamentals of blend modes, and how each mode affects the image. These are accessed using the mode menu at the top of the Layers panel in Photoshop. In this follow-up, we’ll take a look at a few useful ways that you can use blend modes in Photoshop.

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David Cardinal: Photographing Wildlife on Safari
May 2014 06

Photographing wildlife always starts with preparation. If you are on your own, then it involves learning about your destination, and the species you are hoping to photograph. If you are going on an organized safari, much of that work will be done for you, so make sure to take advantage of advanced planning with your tour leader. In our case, we spend quite a bit of time via email with participants, helping them to select the correct photo equipment and providing practice tips. (There’s nothing worse than getting to a location without something you need.)

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Nela König: Shooting for “Germany´s Next Top Model 2014 – by Heidi Klum”
May 2014 14

Heidi Klum, Thomas Hayo and the new celebrity juror and designer Wolfgang Joop are currently looking for “Germany’s Next Top Model” 2014! The 9th season of the series presented by Heidi Klum carries the motto “Show Yourself” and began on 6 February. The original pool of more than 15,000 contestants was narrowed down to 25 girls who would fight for the title; at the end of every episode, they find out whether Heidi has a photo for them and whether they are still candidates for the model throne 2014.

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