David Saffir: What’s In My Photography Bag
Jul 2012 31

David Saffir is a portrait, commercial, and fine art photographer and printmaker based in Valencia, California. His personal work is focused on landscape and fine art photography. Check out the equipment he carries with him while on the job.

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Jens Haugen: Behind The Scenes Photo Shoot Video
Aug 2012 03

I proudly present this  behind the scenes video from one of my shoots with a famous hairdresser company in Norway called “Adam & Eva.” The scenes are taken in London at a place called The Bathhouse. There was a lot of laughing and fun this day. I am happy with the creative challenges it gave me and the product in the end. You can see the final results here…

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Datacolor Introduces SpyderCAPTURE PRO
Sep 2012 19

Photographers have long understood that the most important element in controlling their color is display calibration. And those that are serious about making their own prints also understand the value of custom printer profiles in getting the best results and reducing trial-and-error test prints. But many photographers are only recently becoming aware of capture calibration.  Datacolor’s new SpyderCAPTURE PRO product is designed with this new interest in capture calibration in mind.

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Rolf Nachbar: Interior Photography in Small Spaces – Staging Motorhomes Expertly
Sep 2012 25

One of my team’s specialties is the staging of beautiful interiors in small spaces. We have been photographing for the leading manufacturers of sailing and motorboats as well as motorhomes for many years now. Be it on wheels or or on the ocean, we try to tell the story of great freedom with luxurious living space with our images. A few weeks ago we were shooting this year’s new products for the European market leader in motorhome construction, Hymer AG. In this production report I want to go into some of the peculiarities and solutions of interior photography.

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C David Tobie: Editing Fall Foliage Photos
Oct 2012 18

At the peak of fall foliage season the colors can reach fluorescent levels, by borrowing light from outside the visible spectrum and reemitting it in the red through yellow zones. Because of this, foliage photography requires careful editing to produce the type of image our eye recalls seeing. All too often people make the wrong adjustments, resulting in images that look false and unsatisfying. Lets look at a set of foliage photo adjustments, first by the numbers, and then tweaked to emulate the eye’s response, to see where photographers usually go wrong.

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CD Tobie: A Review of Gura Gear’s New Bataflae Camera Pack
Nov 2012 08

Gura Gear has rapidly developed a name and a following amongst serious photographers. So when a new flagship Gura Gear camera pack design was released at PhotoPlus Expo I took this opportunity to test the new Bataflae pack against my own needs. I will be focusing on the smaller of the two models: the Bataflae 26L pack, for use with DSLR equipment, while my associate David Saffir will follow up with a look at the larger Bataflae 32L for use with medium format gear.

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Renowned Photographer and Photo Instructor Sean Duggan Joins the Friends with Vision Experts Team
Dec 2012 27

Datacolor is pleased to welcome Sean Duggan to our Friends with Vision Experts Team. It is our hope that Sean will be a frequent contributor to the SpyderBlog, as well as presenting in Datacolor’s ongoing Webinar Series, with other FwVs, such as David Saffir, David Cardinal, David Ziser, David Tobie; as you can see, we need an instructor or two who are not named David!

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C. David Tobie: The Year In iPhone Photos
Jan 2013 10

Over time, phone photography is growing and maturing. New phone cameras provide better captures, but mobile editing apps also continue improving. And the aesthetics of phone photography are maturing as well. So here I present a sampling of iPhone photos taken, edited, and published during 2012. I won’t tag each one with a description or explanation. Instead, I’ll simply note up front that these have been chosen to represent the widest possible range of image types and editing styles, from my personal portfolio of mobile photos. So perhaps they will be educational, as well as enjoyable.

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David Cardinal: Using HDR to Create Realistic-Looking Images
Feb 2013 26

Initially heralded as a revolutionary breakthrough for photographers, High-dyanmic-range (HDR) images have unfortunately become known for looking fake and overblown. What many photographers don’t realize is that the over-the-top look typical of most HDR images isn’t the fault of the technology – it’s the fault of software tools that make it hard to create natural looking images, especially in the hands of photographers wishing they were painters.

There is a time and place for painting-like HDR images, and I’ve certainly done my share (some may say more than my share) of them. But sometimes I just want to use HDR to capture a scene that requires more dynamic range than my camera can capture in a single frame. Until recently it was hard to do that and create a realistic image. Fortunately, HDRSoft, makers of Photomatix Pro, my favorite HDR tool, have added two new presets that make it simple to create great photograph-looking photographs from multiple images.

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Rose-Lynn Fisher’s Microphotography Art Prints exhibited at Lotusland, Santa Barbara CA
Feb 2013 28

Rose-Lynn Fisher has produced a stunning series of black and white prints from scanning electron microscope images, all details of bees. This work was produced using Datacolor Spyder4ELITE and SpyderPRINT products to color manage the art-print process, so we take particular delight in these images. Seeing the large art prints in person is an amazing experience; one well worth the effort of attending this show, if you find yourself in Southern or Central Coast California this Spring.

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