David A. Ziser: Reference “Prints” Anytime, Anywhere
Jun 2012 09

I was recently in Cabo San Lucas.  Our timing in Cabo coincided with Jeffery Cowart’s Help-Portrait Project. The Help-Portrait Project is Jeffery’s “once a year” global initiative to bring family portraits to families and individuals who would otherwise, because of limited means, never have an opportunity to have a family portrait made. It’s a great project and this was the second year we were working with missionaries in the area and photographing in the impoverished barrios of Cabo.

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C. David Tobie: Saturation Intent Fix for Printing From Lightroom
Jul 2012 26

Adobe’s Lightroom application is becoming more and more popular for printing images. Over time Lightroom has added a variety of printing options, such as print templates and saved print setups, so that it is now a more convenient location for many types of prints than Photoshop.

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C. David Tobie: Getting the Most from Recent Inkjet Printers With SpyderPRINT
Aug 2012 21

How can we control output to inkjet printers? Simply editing your images on a computer, and sending the file to the printer does not produce the degree of color control and accuracy your prints deserve. The first step is to calibrate your display with a display calibration tool. This assures that what you see on screen actually represents the file you are working on. Then there is the question of getting that file to print as accurately, smoothly, and consistently as possible. This brings us to the topic of custom printer profiles…

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David Saffir: Why I Can’t Live Without SpyderPRINT!
Aug 2012 23

I’m a commercial and fine art photographer, and fine art printmaker, living near Los Angeles. My client base includes manufacturing and service companies, designers, photographers, 3D map-making, equipment distributors, and printmakers. And, of course, making my own large-format prints is a lot of work, but it is also a labor of love.

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C David Tobie: Papers, Canvasses, and Print Size
Oct 2012 02

Most photographers and digital artists have a preferred medium to make their prints on. Some prefer gloss, luster or baryta surfaces. Others lean towards fine art matte papers with a watercolor paper feel. And then there are those who prefer canvas, gessoed, or ungessoed. But the choice between these media types is not only a matter of personal preference. There are also scale issues that need to be considered when selecting media.

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A Comprehensive Article on Digital Printing
Jul 2013 30

Ten years ago Harald Johnson authored the best-selling book Mastering Digital ing. It helped to shape the digital printing revolution. In this comprehensive article on PetaPixel, Harald takes a look at the world of digital printing since then. Those with a sharp eye may notice Datacolor’s own C. David Tobie listed on the book cover, and may recognize work by Datacolor Expert David Saffir a bit further into the article. Whether you send out for prints, or print your own images, this article is a must-read. Thank you, Harald, for this timely update.

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C. David Tobie: Downloading Printer Drivers Safely
Aug 2013 29

We have all learned to use search engines as our main method of looking for items on the internet; but there are occasions where this is not the safest way to find what you need. Looking for printer drivers is certainly one of those cases.

Lets say that you have just purchased a new printer. Perhaps this printer is a wide format printer for which your Operating System does not supply drivers automatically. And you understand that any drivers on an optical disk in the box with the printer may be outdated. Your first impulse in such a situation might be to type the printer name and model into the Search, or Combined URL/Search, line at the top of your browser. That may be a risky way to proceed.

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