CD Tobie: Retina Display MacBook Pro for Calibration and Photography
Jun 2012 28

I have been asked to put together an overview of my observations on the Retina Display MacBook Pro, as related to photography, and specifically to display calibration. The material below draws on my previous analysis, plus further information about calibration of the Retina display.

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We Love to Hear from Datacolor Customers
Jul 2012 24

I am an artist, not an engineer, so I won’t throw around technical numbers or terms. But I’ve been in computers for 30 years, and photography for 50 years, and my goal is simply to produce the best, most accurate color on my monitors with the least effort.

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CD Tobie: A Review of Gura Gear’s New Bataflae Camera Pack
Nov 2012 08

Gura Gear has rapidly developed a name and a following amongst serious photographers. So when a new flagship Gura Gear camera pack design was released at PhotoPlus Expo I took this opportunity to test the new Bataflae pack against my own needs. I will be focusing on the smaller of the two models: the Bataflae 26L pack, for use with DSLR equipment, while my associate David Saffir will follow up with a look at the larger Bataflae 32L for use with medium format gear.

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BSN* (Bright Side of News) Awards the Spyder4ELITE with the Editor’s Choice Award
Oct 2013 17

In a step-by-step guide on how to calibrate your monitor, the Bright Side of News* highlights the ease of use of the Spyder4ELITE for beginners, but also praises the product for including the features and options necessary for advanced users and professionals. Upon reviewing the Spyder4ELITE, Bright Side of News awarded it the Editor’s Choice Award for Prosumers/Enthusiasts.

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C. David Tobie: Gear Organization – What’s Inside Your Camera Bag?
Jan 2014 02

Why will we pay a small fortune for a camera bag, but nothing for the organizers we put inside it? Heads turn when I pull out a serious camera bag. But once I open it, the magic ends. I have random cases and pouches from companies ten years dead, and even an old electric shaver kit inside. So one of my 2013 New Year’s Resolutions was to improve the quality of my gear organizers this year. Given the state of the calendar, I needed to move quickly.

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