Webinar: Calibration for All of Your Display Devices: including iPhones, iPads & More
Oct 2012 08

Join us Tuesday, October 16th from 3PM-4PM EDT, as Datacolor Color Management Experts, David Tobie and David Saffir discuss the issues photographers encounter when calibrating displays for use in photo studios and related workspaces. Some issues to be discussed include: accurate color calibration, ambient light and studio setup issues, studio calibration standards, and side-by-side tuning of displays for visual matching.

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CD Tobie: SpyderTune: Spyder4ELITE’s Secret Weapon
Nov 2012 20

The launch of Spyder4ELITE earlier this year brought a new tool to display calibration and the digital color workflow: SpyderTune. This feature is easy to overlook when running Spyder4ELITE, as it is not part of the wizard workflow. It only appears as an alternate tab in the SpyderProof window, where the results of your calibration are displayed. Choosing this alternate tab brings up the SpyderProof test image set on all connected displays, with a new set of controls on the right.

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David Cardinal: Bronx Zoo Photo Walk
Jun 2013 25

Zoos are a great place to have fun photographing wildlife, without all the hassle of travel to remote locations. Of course, they don’t offer a truly “wild” experience, but even for those headed for a wildlife safari zoos offer great practice. So I’ve had a lot of fun leading photo walks to the Bronx Zoo for B&H Photo the last two years.

With over 200 participants on the walk, we got a large number of all sorts of questions from participants about the right way to photograph in the tricky lighting found in the Zoo. In particular, the question of white balance came up frequently, so we’ll provide some tips on it in this article.

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C. David Tobie: The Simplest Trick in Display Calibration
Oct 2013 01

Display calibration can be as simple or as complex as you wish to make it. But either way, there is one consideration that is key to getting a good display-to-print match; and many users are still not getting it right. So it’s worth reconsidering your display calibration settings, if your prints still don’t match your screen.

Displays have changed over the years. Standard calibration and use of a color managed imaging application can take care of the issues created by the new wider gamut of many displays. And higher bit-depth may provide increased smoothness, but it should not cause any new color matching issues. The feature of newer displays that consistently causes the most problems is their increased brightness.

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