Webinar: Using Spyder4Elite for Projector Calibration
Jul 2012 02

Watch as Datacolor Color Management Experts, David Tobie and David Saffir discuss the importance of color management for projectors and how a properly color managed projector can positively impact your presentation. You’ll also learn tips and tricks on how to calibrate any projector using the Spyder4ELITE.

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David Saffir: Datacolor Spyder4  Review (Pt. 1 of 3)
Jul 2012 06

The Datacolor Spyder4 series of display calibration devices have been released. There are three models: Spyder4EXPRESS, Spyder4PRO, and Spyder4ELITE. Spyder4EXPRESS is designed for photo enthusiasts, and offers automated color calibration at a very affordable price point. Spyder4PRO is intended for more advanced photographers, calibrates multiple monitors, and provides Monitor Quality Analysis (MQA) tools. Spyder4ELITE is designed for pro photographers and imaging pros, has advanced multiple display tuning, advanced MQA, advanced error reporting, and more.

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David Saffir: Datacolor Spyder4 Review: Software (Pt. 2 of 3)
Jul 2012 10

Spyder4ELITE software is unique – it operates in what Datacolor call “Step-by-Step Assistant mode (a type of Wizard), which consists largely of two series of functions, and in Expert Console mode, in which the software is highly customizable on one screen, and adaptable to a range of working situations. This article segment provides an introduction to some of the more important screens, and some new features, that you will see during the calibration and profiling of your display.

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Photo Technique Magazine Covers Spyder4Elite In Detail
Jul 2012 13

The July/August issue of Photo Technique magazine features an article on monitor calibration by Steve Anchell. The intro to the article can be seen here. What doesn’t show outside the paywall is the wonderful walkthrough of Spyder4ELITE features which follows in the subscription-based article. For subscribers, please take a look at this excellent overview of Spyder4ELITE features and functionality.

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Datacolor Introduces SpyderCAPTURE PRO
Sep 2012 19

Photographers have long understood that the most important element in controlling their color is display calibration. And those that are serious about making their own prints also understand the value of custom printer profiles in getting the best results and reducing trial-and-error test prints. But many photographers are only recently becoming aware of capture calibration.  Datacolor’s new SpyderCAPTURE PRO product is designed with this new interest in capture calibration in mind.

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CD Tobie: SpyderTune: Spyder4ELITE’s Secret Weapon
Nov 2012 20

The launch of Spyder4ELITE earlier this year brought a new tool to display calibration and the digital color workflow: SpyderTune. This feature is easy to overlook when running Spyder4ELITE, as it is not part of the wizard workflow. It only appears as an alternate tab in the SpyderProof window, where the results of your calibration are displayed. Choosing this alternate tab brings up the SpyderProof test image set on all connected displays, with a new set of controls on the right.

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Show the World Your True Colors and Create Images With Impact Using Spyder4ELITE and Perfect Effects 4!
Jun 2013 18

We are thrilled to announce our partnership with onOne Software. Datacolor is teaming up with onOne Software to offer an ELITE product bundle to help bring your images to the next level. Enjoy a FREE download of onOne Software’s Perfect Effects 4 Premium Edition with the purchase of Spyder4ELITE, a $99.95 VALUE!

“We are pleased to offer Spyder4ELITE, the leading Display Calibration Solution for Imaging Professionals in combination with Perfect Effects 4 Premium from the leading manufacturer of photo enhancement tools. With this promotion, photographers will receive a premier bundle package that will give them both the highest color consistency and an easy, fast and powerful way to creatively edit their images with impact.” – Thomas Kunz, Market Manager – Imaging, Datacolor.

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