Remote Control Photography Co-sponsored by Triggertrap
May 2013 31

Most cameras have a range of creative remote control capabilities you may not even know exist. In this exploration of remote camera control possibilities we will cover the basics of shooting tethered to a computer, remote release devices, time and interval shooting (including interval shooting for combination into video streaming later) and remote triggering via long-run wired and wireless connections. Applications will include, but are not limited to: commercial, stop-motion, wildlife, city and landscape photography.

Watch as Datacolor Experts David Saffir and C. David Tobie share creative tips and techniques that can be utilized to trigger your camera.

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Focus Control Before, During, and After the Shot Co-sponsored by onOne Software
Jul 2013 10

Creating extraordinary images may seem daunting. It’s important to choose the right combination of tools to bring your work to the next level. Combining Spyder products with onOne Software solutions will enable you to work confidently throughout your workflow. You’ll have everything you need to solve the most common problems in digital photography, correct your color, maximize your creativity and realize your photographic vision.

Watch as Datacolor Experts David Saffir and C. David Tobie explore the tools and techniques necessary for having controlled focus and enhancing or limiting depth of field along with focus related issues related to color management.

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Safari Photography – Gear and Workflow – Co-sponsored by Sigma
Jul 2013 23

Watch Datacolor Expert David Cardinal and C. David Tobie in a discussion about Safari Photography, cosponsored by Sigma Lenses.  David Cardinal, a longstanding Safari organizer and award-winning nature and travel photographer, will share his experience regarding what gear and preparation are critical for a successful safari shoot; including cameras and tripods, with special focus on lenses.  Techniques and workflows for safari shooting and tips for creating award-winning images of your own will also be covered.  If you’ve ever considered signing up for a photo safari, or if you are trying to decide what to purchase or pack for your next one, then this is the right webinar for you!

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David Cardinal: Safari Photography Webinar Follow-Up
Sep 2013 12

David Tobie and I had a great time co-hosting the Datacolor webinar on Safari photography. The generous giveaway of a high-end lens by co-sponsor Sigma Photo made the event even more exciting for the over 750 participants. As a result we got many more questions than we had time to answer live, and I’ve received some more from folks since. So, as a follow-up, here are some of the most popular questions with my answers…

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Planning Backcountry Photo Shoots
Nov 2013 08

Backcountry photo shoots often require research, planning and in some cases, special equipment. Watch David Saffir and David Tobie as they explore several real-life scenarios, including the on-line exploration of maps, weather, lighting, equipment planning and packing, renting, borrowing or buying special equipment, arranging transport and accommodations, and much more!

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Small Scale and Macro Photography Co-sponsored by Joby
Nov 2013 20

Post-production is also a critical element in preserving details, sharpening and managing color. Watch as David Saffir and David Tobie discuss this important aspect of photography, including real-life examples and scenarios. You’ll find that Macro photography is easier than it looks which will enable you to produce impressive images in no time!

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Color Management for Indoor Photography
Feb 2014 13

Watch David Saffir as he discusses indoor photography, with an emphasis on portraits and group photos. Subjects of interest will include camera setup, use of on-camera and off-camera flash, ambient lighting, managing ISO/sensitivity and color management tools. David also reviews how to program for success when using labs and print service providers.

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Video Reference Display Calibration Co-sponsored by Plura Broadcast
Apr 2014 04

Watch as we discuss display calibration for video review and editing using Plura Broadcast Video Reference Display Technology and the Datacolor Spyder4. We’ll go through a step by step process, including screen shots, accurately adjusting the display using Plura software and the Spyder4 calibration device. Plura is the first video reference display that has integrated advanced calibration capabilities using the Datacolor Spyder. Step up your game using Plura Broadcast technology and Datacolor Spyder calibration!

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Extend Your Photography – Co-sponsored by XShot
May 2014 07

Learn to explore all the angles within your photography. We discuss options in camera mounts and extensions, using camera settings to change dimensionality, change sense of time and movement, explore access to new vantage points, explore motion capture, and more.

Watch as Datacolor Experts David Saffir and David Tobie discuss these issues and provide examples of ways you can expand your horizons in photography and motion capture!

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