Terrell Lloyd: To Color Manage, or not to Color Manage?  That is the question.
May 2012 17

For many years now I have gone without having any type of color management on my computer, but I have always asked myself if this is the right thing to do. Am I on the right track in my photography business? Am I getting the correct colors in postproduction or in my final print output?

I have always relied on my eye and what I think is a good color or not. Am I getting the best images possible, or even I even selecting the best images? I have always had the thought of just using the profiles for my printing devices; thought that this will work just great. However, I learned that was not the way to go after getting educated on color management.

By going the color management route you can improve your color matching from your system monitor to your printing output devices. When you are sending out your prints via your color labs or even print in-house, you will produce a higher quality print from the start. Your reproduction colors will be more precise than they were previously when photographing weddings, portraits, and products that may have lots of colors. Even when shooting sports like me, photographing pro and college athletes, the color explosion is noticeable.

From the start, I decided to go with the Datacolor Color Management System. I was looking into what would be the best product on the market, and what would be easy to use and install, and the obvious choice for me Datacolor.

Now you may question which product to start with first since there are a few to choose from. I would start with the Spyder4EXPRESS if you are starting out for the first time. Then test and work your way through the color management system, or if you are an advanced user you should look at the Spyder4ELITE for increased options. You will be pleased with all of the Spyder products on the market.

So, the answer to my question above is… we all should be using color management of some type in order to find more accurate colors from the beginning. This is why I decided to start using a color management system.

Later, I will show you a quick video demonstrating how to get started with the installation right out of the box, and will show you how easy it will be going forward.

Terrell Lloyd is a professional photographer located in the San Francisco Bay Area. A Canon Explorer of Light since 2006, Terrell Lloyd is noted for his experience shooting professional and college sports