Video: SpyderHD™ – For Color Management in Video and Still Photography
Jun 2014 25

SpyderHD offers unprecedented flexibility and accuracy for videographers and still photographers. It is the first product to calibrate both computer displays and video reference displays First, it offers precise color calibration via the Spyder4ELITE HD colorimeter. Photographers and videographers can calibrate their desktops, laptops, video reference monitors, field video monitors, and television screens. Computer-driven displays and video-driven monitors are supported.

SpyderHD also includes the SpyderCHECKR and SpyderCUBE. The SpyderCHECKR color chart provides a fast, reliable method of color calibrating camera, lens, and sensor combinations. It also facilitates harmonizing color between different cameras. It allows photographers and videographers to obtain more consistent, accurate color within their normal post-production workflow in Lightroom™, Photoshop™ and Hasselblad Phocus™. It is quite useful in videography, and has been integrated into workflow in applications like Davinci Resolve 11+.

The SpyderCUBE easily captures scene white balance and exposure data anywhere, and it provides accurate data for RAW image and video editing.

This video provides a detailed introduction to features and benefits of Datacolor’s new flagship product, SpyderHD.

Watch the video (approx. 12 min) for more info on this exciting new kit from Datacolor.