We Love to Hear from Datacolor Customers
Jul 2012 24

We thought the following review on Amazon was particularly pleasing. Tyler Monson (who goes by Profligatographer on-line) wrote:

Spyder4PRO Has My Endorsement, July 9, 2012

I am an artist, not an engineer, so I won’t throw around technical numbers or terms. But I’ve been in computers for 30 years, and photography for 50 years, and my goal is simply to produce the best, most accurate color on my monitors with the least effort.

In 2001, I purchased the original Spyder package to calibrate my monitors. In 2005, I bought the Spyder2 Pro, then the Spyder3 Pro in 2009, and now I have the Spyder4 Pro. Each model of the Spyder has leapfrogged the previous ones in both accuracy and ease of use. And the price keeps going down (the first one cost me nearly $500 U.S.).

It used to be that calibrating monitors was like having your eyes examined: is A better, or B? Adjust something. Now 1, or 2? Make another adjustment. But now–with the new Spyders–you simply press a couple of buttons and walk away. In a few minutes it is all done–without difficult decisions on your part.

In my opinion, the quality of the calibration leaves nothing to be desired. I have even used the Spyder4 colorimeter on my set of big NEC wide-gamut monitors, with their specialized software, with outstanding results. Then I used the Spyder4 software to calibrate both my older and brand new laptops–again, a delight.

What’s not to like? At this point I cannot imagine what they could add to the next model to improve on the Spyder4. Okay, it might be nice if the package would produce a report of all the monitor’s settings: gamma, color space, resolution, balance adjustments. Perhaps a PDF users’ guide could be made available for those users who want to know more.

For myself, I am happy with great (and effortless) calibration at a very fair price.

Thanks, Tyler. And thanks for the great photo of all four generations of your Spyder products. It shows the type of long-term brand loyalty that has made Datacolor what it is today!