Zenfolio Interview with Datacolor’s David Tobie
Nov 2012 29

Datacolor Global Product Technology Manager C. David Tobie was interviewed by the Zenfolio Blog team recently, on the topic of color management, as it affects their customers. This has mostly to do with the concepts of display calibration, ambient light control, and creating and using printer profiles. Here’s an excerpt:

When two monitor displays are properly calibrated, shouldn’t they be exactly the same in terms of the colors and, reasonably speaking, the brightness they produce for a given image? Many times two monitors made by different manufacturers will both be calibrated properly but look different from one another. How can this be?

A display calibrator matches displays for the way that calibrator “sees” them. Making calibrators react as similarly to the eye as possible is desirable. However, even two different people may see them a bit differently. That’s why the SpyderTune function in Spyder4ELITE is important. It lets the user visually tune side-by-side displays for the closest possible match, and continues to apply this correction to future calibrations.

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